For tools in stadium and arena management

For your final exam in Management 365 you are responsible for all assigned reading materials in Vogel, the custom text on performing arts, hospitality & tourism, all materials presented in class, and all information contained in the PowerPoint slides since the second mid-term exam. While preparing for the exam, it is recommended that you pay particular attention to the following areas: 1. actions that can effect resource and capacity utilization in ground based entertainment 2. amusement park revenues 3. Broadway profitability . casino games: types, profit levels, popularity 5. classes of gaming 6. common elements of trade shows and exhibitions 7. consideration in the area of slot machine management? 8. definition of the hospitality industry 9. definition of ambience 10. economic impact of travel and tourism 11. factors in corporate meeting planning 12. focus of the restaurant business 13. four major components of service quality 14. functions of sports leagues 15. growth of Indian gaming 16. house management in theaters 17. impact of MICE 18. mportance of service in the hospitality industry. 19. industries that conduct business meetings 20. initial funding for stage plays 21. management tools in stadium and arena management 22. managerial skills and roles in hospitality and tourism 23. moment of truth 24. multiplier effect 25. nature, aspects, quality factors, management of services (several questions in this area) 26. nine (9) common elements or characteristics shared among various parts of the broader entertainment industry 27. objectives of gaming control? 8. origins of sports 29. origins of themed amusement parks 30. points of differentiation between sports and other industries? 31. project management software 32. responsibilities of theater managers 33. risk management and risk mitigation techniques 34. rules regarding dispatching/sequencing jobs or activities? 35. seven deadly sins of service 36. stadiums and arenas revenue sources 37. tools for planning and scheduling events 38. tools for successful amusement park capacity planning 39. types of slot machines