Many entrepreneurs learn to use their main source

Many Industries are relying on social media to gain more clients. Social media has not only helped previous companies grow, but it has also helped create new ones and allow them to become as successful as the recent ones or even more. I know that Social media is the new and improved way of marketing, advertising and improving old and new corporations, as well as the people themselves. Negative impacts of using social networks to advertise would be things like mistakes, they can go quickly viral and affect the corporation’s standards, another would be affection on a person’s lifestyle, such as lack of physical movement because of a major amount of time being put in on social networks. Throughout the years social networks have made a huge impact in not only the business industry, but also into people’s lifestyle, It has taught us new ways to rise but also shown us that we can descend. Creating new industriesWhen creating new industries, entrepreneurs learn to use their main source of social media to advertise and raise awareness of their new corporation. In the text ‘The importance of social media in business” it states  “Social media proves to be a powerful tool when it comes to growing your brand awareness. There are businesses who dismiss it as a way to build a brand, but by doing that, they’re leaving an open ground for competitors. On the other hand, many reputable chief marketing officers agree that social media has a definite impact on brand awareness.”…. “Remember, every single step that you take to increase brand awareness with social media will impact the overall growth of your business in the long run.” This is important because a good way that social media is used would be helping industries grow and evolve. When a corporation begins to grow, entrepreneurs need to understand that it will be a matter of how hard and smart you work to continue making a corporation rise, in order to do that, it’s needed to keep customers by satisfying them and for that to help bring more and spread the word. In the text “The importance of social media in business” it states that “Losing a customer is hard, and gaining a new one is harder. But retaining an existing customer is 10 times easier. Which is why customer satisfaction should be your topmost priority. By using social media to connect with your customers, you have the opportunity monitor what they want, the problems they’re facing and how you could serve them. In order to truly satisfy your customers and make their life easier, you need to offer them customer service that is more personalized and effective. And social media helps you do just that.” This is important because we now understand that in order to keep customers coming, its needed for a corporation to use social media to help keep the customer by giving them a pleasant online service.Many youtubers do ads and they influence social media to advertise whatever the company is selling. One of the biggest ways corporations have received customers, is by using a huge advertiser, youtubers, famous youtubers can have up to millions of views per day, they are a huge source of marketing and expanding organizations products worldwide. It is known for a fact that many corporations have used famous youtubers in order to advertise their product. In the text “YouTubers’ impact on viewers’ buying behavior” by Emmi-Julia Lepistö Miina Vähäjylkkä, it states that “YouTubers have achieved a status as one of the biggest influencers in social media, gaining a wide, loyal audience to support them. Celebrity endorsement has been around for years, however, with the rise of YouTubers’ fame, companies have taken this as an opportunity to influence a new audience and gain visibility to their brand.” This is important because we now are able to understand that companies will seek for the ability to advertise using someone’s fame. Most of the items being advertised can be bought depending on the trust that the viewer had for the person, trust is a key value when selling, if customers don’t trust your product or the person selling it, it’s more likely that they won’t buy it, In the text “YouTubers’ impact on viewers’ buying behavior” by Emmi-Julia Lepistö Miina Vähäjylkkä, it states that “The research was carried out using qualitative approach as eight semi-structured interviews were conducted. The sample was formed of Finnish female lifestyle YouTubers’ viewers between the ages of 16 to 23. The respondents were interviewed for their conceptions on their purchase behavior and habits as well as their thoughts on YouTubers and the impact they have on them. The data provided was recorded and transcribed for the analysis phase. The results suggested that trust with YouTubers plays a big part in the viewers’ purchase behavior. When trust for a YouTuber has been achieved, trust for companies are easily met. YouTubers’ own marketing was seen as a positive way to market products and was the main way of marketing that influenced the audiences purchase decisions. Most of the purchases were based on want rather than need. The influence of YouTubers has reached a stage where the viewers are changing products they were originally going to purchase to one the YouTuber recommended.” This is important because organizations are not only thinking big, but their thinking smart, they use people’s “popularity” in order to receive their viewers attention and a shout out from the famous person, they understand that the more loyal the viewers are to the person who made the video, the higher the chance it is to sell the companies product.    LyfestyleChanges in a person’s lifestyle such as too much time on social media and a lack of time exercising can affect a person’s lifestyle negatively. It can affect people in a way that people are no physically communicating anymore. In the text “The Impact of Social Media in Our Daily Lives” by Melissa Tyler it states that “A decade ago, it was very difficult to find and connect with people that you once knew in high school or college, even with the power of the web. When you moved away, most people lost touch permanently. The social media sites, such as Facebook and Google+, are making it much easier for people to find one another and reconnect, even after decades of being apart. The sites are a great way to see what is happening in the lives of friends and family, and to meet new people who have similar interests and thoughts to yours.” This is important because it tells us that lack of communication is a negative affect to society by the use of social media, but at the same time we are able to use social media to communicate to people all over the world,  it’s helpful in a matter that we are able to meet new people.         Many people skip the ads,percentage A problem that affects people, mostly business people would be that many of the ads are being skipped and that makes the business people who invest into advs lose money because not many people are looking at the ads. In the text “Survey Finds 90% Of People Skip Pre-Roll Video Ads” it states that “It’s no secret that traditional advertising is increasingly ineffective, as online ad blocking and ad-skipping are becoming pervasive. Add another data point to the growing pile on ad blocking: In a survey of 1,015 adults by ORC International, in conjunction with ad-tech firm Mirriad, 76% reported blocking ads online and skipping traditional TV ads.The study found the outlook for video advertising to be even worse: Ninety percent of people skip pre-roll ads appearing ahead of online video content and TV shows. While experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day, the messages are not sticking. The survey found that 68% of people recall less than five ads they’ve seen in the past week.Juniper Research estimated in a recent study that digital publishers stand to lose more than $27 billion by 2020 as online publishers struggle to find effective strategies to counter ad blocking.” This is important because we can see that social media isn’t always good things, losing money is one of the bad things when it comes to investing in ads.                             social media has impacted business industries and peoples lifestyle, an example would be youtubers, how they are get paid to create daily vlogs and have viewers that create publicity for them. This does not only help the company but the youtuber who is announcing the advertisement and counts as a good impact. There’s both good and bad impacts when using social media as a resource to help advertise. Social networks is major when advertising, social media can not only help businesses but it can also be one as well as create one.


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