Mario framing this piece to display both

Mario ChanthongphioIB LA 12Written Task One: FramingRationale Word Count:WT1 Word Count: Rationale: My written task one will be two short editorials displaying and arguing the perspectives of a nurturant parent and a strict father on the topic of changing the school time schedule to either an earlier or later time for our students. The audience will be towards the students, parents, school board and teachers. I’m framing this piece to display both nurturant and strict. Your children today are failing their classes, declining in academics and in health and it’s all your fault. They come home from school exhausted, complaining about sleeping in class and and not understanding any of the material presented at school and are being lazy at home. This is because your children are sleep deprived. They aren’t receiving the necessary amount of sleep in order to function in the morning. Schools across the nation have classes start earlier than 8:30am and this is the reason why your children are exhausted, school shouldn’t start this early. Research shows that lack of sleep is connected to children becoming depressed, increasingly underperforming academically and varieties of health issues such as obesity. Already children struggle getting up at school to be in class on time. Research also indicates that teens shouldn’t get any less than eight hours of sleep at night for their own well healthy being. Our children are going through major developments with puberty in their body and brain. Everybody learns better when they’re awake. Schools must set new times for our students later in the morning for our students to get enough sleep. Schools have already experimented with this time change and it has already proven itself to boost attendance and higher graduation rates in different schools across the globe who’ve adopted these later school start time. One school in Illinois that adopted this new late start reported a drop of 15% of children absence in class after changing the time. States across the U.S. such as California have state funding to class attendance. It implies that more money will be funded towards schools because of this boost in attendance and our students will be in school to learn on time.Our children are struggling in academics and it’s directly affect by the number of hours of sleep our children recieve. Their grade performance is dwindling and research has already proven that an increase of sleep can improve your children’s grades. Our children’s minds are undeveloped still and need as much rest as possible to grow. Our students minds can’t function properly if their minds aren’t awake to learn. A university researched that math and reading test scores increased by 12%. If the schools adopted this late start they would have their schools academic scores increase and is a easy way of improving the students performance compared to other ways.


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