MFI-17 advanced avionics is an upgraded version

MFI-17 Mushak is a mild-weight, sturdy, two/3 seats, single
engine, predominantly all steel/metal plane with tricycle fixed touchdown gear.
It has been developed to satisfy US FAR 23 certification in classes of
ordinary, software utilities and aerobatics. It may operate from any brief
un-prepared strip and is absolutely independent of any kind of ground
equipment. Super Mushshak (The Agile) – advanced avionics is an upgraded
version of Mushshak fitted with an extra powerful engine, cockpit
air-conditioning, electrical devices, and electric cum manual elevator and
rudder trim.


In concern of training role and Army Co-operation missions
Mushak is leading the peak. In order to meets the requirement of a contemporary
number one training syllabus and as a perfect fundamental instructor. Aircraft
is right for Night, Navigation, and Formation & Instrument Flying. P.S for
Basic flight training, Aerobatics, stalls and deliberates spins. Meanwhile,
except primary flying education, Mushshak is also suitable for a wide range of
army co-operation missions including Forward air control, Forward area support
with droppable supply containers, Reconnaissance, Artillery fire observation, Camouflage
inspection, Border patrol, Liaison, Target flying and target towing for
training of ground units.

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Moreover, when we switch to review its performance as a
trainee jet, it’ll makes us stunned. Mushak Never exceed speed. Its maximum
speed is 238 Km/h i.e. 128 knots, Cruise speed is 210 Km/h i.e. 130 knots,
Stall speed touching the ideal figure of 100 Km/h i.e. 54 knots (Flaps down
& Power off capability). Its Service Ceiling & Rate of climb is 4,800m
and 5.2 m/s, respectively. While Endurance is 5 Hour & 10 Minutes.

Armaments; like Engine is “Textron Lycoming IO-540 V4A5”,
its power are equal to 260 HP (at 2700 RPM at ISA conditions) & Cylinders
are six. There is three & two blade “Propeller” is in machinery.
TBO (Time between overhauled) Engine & Propeller is about 2K Hrs. Cockpit
is also most durable for the commanding between Co-Pilot/Pilot & Observer
with Instructor.


P.S Missiles and gun pods of the Pakistan aeronautical
complex’s aircraft; the mfi-395 is fitted with six hard points under the wing
pylons. The inner confused hard points can deliver as much as 150kg each. The
remaining 4 carry rockets, gun pods and Bofor Bantam anti-tank missiles.


Currently, Pakistan Army & Air Force, Iran, RSAF, Syria,
Oman, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, & South Africa is using Mushak & Super
Mushak. In ratios, Iran (IRIAF) has 25, Iraq (RIAF) has 20, Oman (RAFO) has 8,
Pakistan (PAF) & (Pak Army) has total 149, Syria (SAF) has 6, KSA (RSAF)
has 20, South Africa (Uni Group Holdings (Pvt) Ltd) has 5 operators of Mushak
in service right now.


Qatar is considering signing an agreement on purchasing a
fleet of Super Mushak. The burning demand is going up skywards. It’s been a
official reporting now that Qatar signed a deal in Doha for the purchase of Ten
PAC Super Mushak trainers.  For Pakistan,
it’s a great start for military partnership with GCC states like Qatar (the
Saudis are already having these in operation for quite some time). In recent
customer orders for the MFI-395 included: PAF (50), RSAF (20) and Royal Air Force
of Oman (5). Some Included Turkey in the list as well as per the news few days
back as owing to the report that Turkey also ordered 3 orders of Super Mushak
this year and interested again. In concern of prices, Super Mushshak’s exact
price is unknown. Mushshak Light 5 is Pakistani Rupees 6 million i.e. 60 Lacs


One thing is important to mention here, the price of PKRs 6
million is of a version of Mushshak which is called “Mushshak Light
5”. This (Mushshak Light 5) aircraft is neither for military use nor for
aerobatics because it’s Non-Aerobatic aircraft. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex
has introduced this aircraft only for the in-country private sector to produce
it and also in order to help to grow the aviation market and its best example
is South Africa (Uni Group Holdings (Pvt) which is operating 5 Mushak. P.S The
price is also introductory price for initial few purchasers i.e. it can be
fluctuate W.R.T Time. The Super Mushshak which has vast capabilities, when
compared to Mushshak Light 5, it is a much costlier aircraft than it.


 Super Mushak isn’t an
upgraded licensed version of the Swedish Saab MFI-17 manufactured by PAC. As
the sole rights for the original plane was purchased by PAF. So, the plane, and
its associated proprietary is owned by the PAF. Since then it has been upgraded
several times; better engine, fuel capacity, avionics, communication equipment,
and upgraded acrobatics classification due to fuselage improvement and plus
point more features. This thing is the block II or III of the original one, its
airframe is lengthened & its design is also improved. It’s cockpit,
avionics, design, seating arrangement, Payload etc were all improved. Hence, it
became Super Mushak.


And this is its 2nd confirmed sale this year. This defense
cooperation agreement will open wide glittering ways for Pakistan in Aviation

Good Going Pakistan Aeronautical Complex!