Milkshake Case

Does this milkshake taste funny? George was faced with a difficult decision to make. Listed below are the reasons why George might have acted unethically with the situation at hand. • Accountability is the first thing that comes to mind. George’s decision is influenced by the expectation of future cooperative action (Ben-Yoav O. , & Pruit D. , 1984). Knowing that he would have to work with his team the next day could cause him to make an unethical decision. • Trust is also a reason George would possibly make an unethical decision.

The unmonitored trust that management had given his team opened the door for unethical decisions to be made (Gavin, & Mayer, 2005). • George wanted to be accepted by his peers. It was evident that he wanted to belong to the group by his joining in the union. Belonging to an organizational network increases an individual’s sense of power (Kirkman B. , & Rosen B. ,1999). The internal conflict George was having illustrates that he had his own reasons that may have caused him to act ethically.

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In my opinion his reasoning for ethical action are as follows; • Religion is a strong factor in an individual’s decision making process. George did not like college but continued to attend in order to gain his parents blessings toward marriage, this illustrates that there was some type of religion involved in his upbringing. Spirituality helps employees find a deeper since of meaning with their job (Karakas, 2010). • George’s core values would also push him toward making an ethical decision.

It is clear that George has an involved family. The core values that a family provides would guide him to an ethical choice (Belak, Duh, & Milfelner. 2010) • Being that George knew that he would be contaminating the mix with bugs, George could be legally responsible for any harm that may be caused (Devine D. ,& Dunford B. 1998). The threat of criminal charges would cause George to make the right decision. • Because George was a young worker he emotions are more likely to affect his decision making (Fieldman D. , & Thomas N. 2010)

In conclusion, there are many reasons for George to make an ethical or unethical decision. I believe that he would make an ethical decision and inform management of the problem without removing the filters. He wasn’t going to drink a milkshake with maggot particles in it so surely he wouldn’t force others to. In order to prevent this type of conflict from arising with its employees, Eastern Dairy should create a channel of communication that could reach senior management while allowing an employee to remain anonymous if they choose to.


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