Miss cornered animal before the deadly blow.

Miss Morningdale, the school’s secretary, was a rather plump woman. Her grey her was pulled up into a tight bun, lips painted hot pink, her long red fingernails clicking away on the keyboard of her ancient computer. clik-clack click-clack. It was maddening seeing as it was the only sound in the waiting room outside the principal’s office besides the low hum of the air-conditioning.  
Perched on one heck of an uncomfortable plastic chair which was creaking with my every move, making the old hag throw me some nasty side-eye, I cross my arms in aggravation. I didn’t even do anything to warrant being called to the principal’s office.  Well besides failing all my magic classes besides potions and theory of magic but I was all As and Bs in my other classes that had to amount to something right?
I groan as I see my mother entering the room my father in tow. This was going to be a disaster. My dad, I could have handled. He was the more understanding type always wanting to do right by everybody. Considerably easy to mollify. He would at least let me try to explain my side of the equation. My Mother though.. not so much.  She was an entirely different calibre. The only person she does right by is herself. At least she didn’t come alone.Small mercies I suppose.The moment my mother spots me I freeze. She’s got that look on her face. Lips pursed into a thin line corners drawn downwards eyes narrowed accusing me off everything I´ve ever done that she would disagree with. It just meant one thing. There would be consequences.I gulped and sat up a little straighter as they made a beeline for me. Just in time for the Principle´s door to open exposing a disgruntled looking Boy with black hair and the most freakishly blue eyes I´ve ever seen. He shoots us a not so subtle sneer before walking past us and out the door.Wow! What a diva.-Ah, Senator Castle, Mr Castle., Dorothy- The principal says making all three of us turn back in her direction. -Please, come in.-I take a deep breath and get up from my chair. My mother’s hand automatically moves to my lower back guiding me in to the room like she’s afraid of me running off.We take a seat in three, only marginaly, more comfortable chairs provided for us. My mother on one side my father on the other. I suddenly feel like a cornered animal before the deadly blow. Full of adrenalin ready to lash out any second.This was going to be a disaster.Across the big burly wooden desk in front of us, Principal Raleigh sat down straightening her grey pencil skirt and folding her hand atop of her desk. Dr Finestra Raleigh is a beautiful middle-aged woman. Hair black as night, fierce brown eyes looking out from underneath long black eyelashes and a small cluster of freckles across the tip of her nose. She´s rumoured to be one of the most respectable young Magic users of her time and holds the record for youngest potions Mistress in 4 millennia. A woman to be recond with.If my magic wasn’t this fucked up, I may have liked to become a little bit like her.-Thank you for coming today. I know how busy your schedule must be with the upcoming election. – Dr Raleigh says smiling at my parents.-Why yes it is. – My mother answers. -Which is why I´d like to get this over with as fast as possible. What did she do this time? -Gee mum thanks for the vote of confidence.Dr Raleigh´s smile drops a little at my mother´s tone of voice. I sometimes forget that not everybody is used to my mother´s unwavering bossiness.-Oh no. I´m sorry if I gave you the impression that this is a disciplinary meeting.- She says to my mother. – Dorothy is not in trouble.-I sigh in relief.-Why was it such an imperative for both of us to attend this meeting then? Wouldn’t one of us suffice?- my mother asks sounding rather annoyed about it.- Dr Castle. – Dr Ralaig leans a little bit closer. -This may not be about your daughter’s disciplinary behaviour but it is still a matter of outmost importance. Her Teachers and I are rather worried about your daughter’s overall performance in her classes.-My stomach drops with dread. Shit.- Even though her grades in the non-magical subjects are exceptional, her performance in the magical part of her education, with a few small exceptions, is steadily declining. Which has probably to do with the fact that while in the previous years the curriculum was made up of mostly theory it now consists mostly of practice. And, I´m sad to say, Dorothy can just not keep up with her peers in this aspect. -I want the floor to open up and swallow me whole. This was just humiliating. -Yes we know her magic is a little behind in development.- my father says. -but that is no need to worry. I was a late bloomer too and I turned out fine. Will get her a tutor and she will be –With all due respect Mr Castle, but your daughter is not just a late bloomer.- she pauses glancing at me with a look akin to pity, before looking back at my father. – your daughter’s active powers are virtually non-existent.-That shut my parents up good. Both turning towards me looking at me like they´ve never seen me before. I sink deeper into my seat, not looking at any of them. I could feel my face flush with humiliation. Making me grip the armrests of my chair with all I had.-What do you suppose we should do,- I hear my father ask- get a professional to train with her or something similar?–Actually- Oh God, that didn’t sound good. – I would like to suggest that Dorothy may benefit more from a different kind of school system.-What?! No. No! Hell no! Just..No , damn it.She can´t really mean what I think she means. -What are you suggesting exactly- my mother sounds resigned all of a sudden. Like the weight of the world was resting upon her shoulders. Typical. -Maybe it would be best if Dorothy would attend a Human school instead. It may be a little late into the school year to switch now but at the beginning of next year…-I close my eyes, trying to hold back the tears threatening to escape. This would have been the perfect point for that aforementioned floor-swallowing-scenario to occur.Scared of looking at my parents or the principal I keep my eyes fixed on my hands now clasping at eachother instead of the armrests. Scrubbing away at my nail polish. God, I just want to go home throw myself into bed and never wake up again. But then again. Home would mean Melissa and Brien. A new wave of dread washes over me. They are never going to let me live this down. 


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