¡Mission: bases of other suppliers, and ultimately

¡Mission:  “We strive to offer our customers the lowest
possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.”


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¡Vision: “To be Earth’s most customer-centric
company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy

¡¡Amazons main approach to success and
achieving its goals have been through the following strategies:

¡The Customer Experience

¡The importance of technology

¡Increasing of Partnerships”We
Work to earn repeat purchases by providing easy to use functionality, fast and
reliable fulfillment, timely customer service, feature-rich content, and a
trusted transaction environment” –Amazon

features of their websites are editorials and customer reviews

2-day shipping for Prime membership

Loyalty is awarded

payment system¡Necessary to maintain competitive edge

¡Integration of AI(artificial
intelligence) in products such as Amazon Eco, Amazon Go Convenience store

¡Products such as Kindle, Firestick, allow
customers easy access to multimedia

¡Developing drone technology to deliver

¡Development of Amazon Web services

¡Data-Driven Automation¡With
the growth of Amazon, its share price also grew, which enabled a range of
partnerships and acquisitions.

partnerships are mostly strategic for both parties, such as partnerships with
Drugstore.com, or pets.com

such as Whole foods, enables Amazon to gain a foothold in different markets

its affiliate program smaller companies can use amazon to sell their products

partnerships also help Amazon reach into the customer bases of other suppliers,
and ultimately customers who may only buy one category of products

Marketplace, prime example of partnerships with small vendors that benefit both
fulfillment of their vision can be assessed through the following concepts:

¡Corporate social responsibility

¡Corporate culture

¡Personal ethics



¡Competitive Advantage¡Corporate social responsibility:

¡Amazons as a company strives to put
customers first, and is aligned with its vision as far as corporate social
responsibility is concerned.  Amazon
through many programs supports local communities, educate and empowers its
workers and also has many plans to reduce its environmental imprint.

Amazon career choice program, Amazon device donation program, Amazon Smile,
Amazon literary partnership,

¡Corporate culture:

¡The corporate culture at amazon is
dependent on their “Leadership principles”, which emphasize customer obsession,
ownership, frugality, high standards, delivery of results and a culture of
inclusion and diversity

¡Personal ethics:

¡In their Code of Ethics, Amazon promotes
a safe and healthy workplace, freedom for employees to do their work and also a
safe environment free of harassment and danger. They strongly discourage
practices and behavior that can be against the best interests of their
customers and employees.

¡Price fixining,
bribery, Payments to gernment
personal, discrimination and harassment are also condemened and

¡¡Leadership and Followership:

¡The Leadership style of Jeff Bezos (CEO
of Amazon) is Transformational and transactional to an extent.. He has high
expectations for his employees, and expects them to work their hardest in
solving problems to reach their end goal of keeping customers satisfied. 

¡This in turn has create a larger loyal
customer base

¡Competitive Advantage:  Amazons approach to competitive advantage
has many faces, but the main focus for them as a company is adaptability. This
unique approach enables them to constantly evolve and change with new market
trends and ever-changing customer demands.

¡Amazon fulfillment program

¡Prime Membership

¡Amazon Web services