Mountain about the terrain and dangers you

Mountain Climbing is one of the world’s most extreme sports. It is the action when men and women climb up sheer cliffs of ice, rock and snow under the circumstances of deadly conditions and terrain. These crazy individuals climb peaks reaching over 10s of thousands of feet. Years of preparations go into these daring accents. Mountain climbers must be extremely experienced and go into each climb overly prepared. Many climbers go up these treacherous mountains and never come back down. There is an overwhelming amount of dangers that these men and women face while trekking across the unforgiving terrain.  For example, from an article about mountain climbing, “What is Mountain Climbing” the author Stewart Green  expresses the many dangers these mountaineers face. On paragraph four he states,”These climbers risk life and limb to thin air, frostbite, bone-chilling cold, hypothermia, avalanche, and high wind”. In order for the climbers to stay safe and survive against these conditions they have to possess important traits. These traits include being competent and knowing what they are getting themselves into, being daring because one would not attempt this without being crazy and willing to risk their life, being cautious and keeping yourself save by taking all precautions necessary for climbers and their climbing partners, and lastly having grit, climbers face many problems that a lot of people would just give up on but they keep pushing until they’ve reached their goal.  Mountain climbers are some of the most skilled people in the world. One who attempts this miraculous stunt has to possess four main traits and more being competent, daring, cautious, and have grit. In order to be successful on the mountain you must be informed and knowledgeable about the terrain and dangers you may face. They are known to be very competent people in relation to mountain climbing. Knowledge is very important in order to stay safe on the peaks of these mountains. Stewart Green explains in his article about mountain climbing that you must be knowledgeable about the mountain. In paragraph five of his article “What is Mountain Climbing” he says,”To climb these mountains, mountaineers must be competent in both rock and ice climbing techniques; able to understand snow, glacier travel, and forecast weather; and above all, they must have good judgment and common sense to stay not only safe but alive.” As Green said these climbers need to be experts on ice and rock climbing techniques as they will most certainly run into one or both of these climbing styles on the mountain. Not only do they need to know the basics climbers have to adapt if one technique is not working in the terrain they can switch to a better fit one. Also, as the article said the alpinists have to know their way through snow and ice. These obstacles are often in the climbs way.  So they have to identify whether or not the snow is covering a deadly crevasse, or whether the ice will give way at any given moment.