Mustafa where the enlightened one shares his

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This novel’s author is famous for being a poet, a
painter and a writer, has was well known from his young age to be someone to be
who thinks and behaves differently than others around him, his mother went
further more in describing him as a passionate child, His name is Hermann Hesse
and he was the winner of the Nobel prize award in literature in 1946.

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Siddhartha is a novel about a son of a religious
person or a Brahman who goes on a one-way trip to discover himself. What drove
this man to go and take a path that was known only to be taken by the samanas was
his passion to reach his goal of becoming a wise man. So he became a samana and
went on this self discovering trip with his best friend Govinda. Their first
stop was the Buddha’s room where the enlightened one shares his wisdom,
Siddhartha is no exactly fond of the wisdom an wanted to learn a wisdom that is
more superior than the wisdom of the Buddha, so he decided to take permission
of the Buddha to leave the sessions and leave the place on go on to search for
his own wisdom. On his way, Siddhartha met with the love of his life, a lady
called Kamala. Kamala promised to accept Siddhartha as her partner in life and
teach him the wisdom of love if he became a merchant like Kamaswami, Siddhartha
heeded Kamala’s talk and became a merchant, thus Kamala’s partner, but that
wasn’t adequate for his strive for wisdom, so he left Kamala in search of much
exclusive wisdom. On his way, Siddhartha found a ferryman who taught him the
wisdom of listening to the river and learn from it, and the wisdom of living
humble life and leaving the city-life behind. Later on in the story and after
almost twelve years, Siddhartha reconnects with kamala, but this time she is
bitten by a snake and she brought with her a boy whom Siddhartha knew he was
his son, after Kamala’s death Siddhartha tries to convince his child to live
with him, but it was too late as the boy was old enough to say to his father
that he dislikes him and also to make a run-for-it and get away. Siddharatha
was heart-broken at that moment but the old ferryman taught him the wisdom of
forgetting and leaving the past. Finally, Siddhartha gets reunited with his old
friend Govinda and for his surprise Siddhartha had reached a very superior
level of wisdom and made him witness it with his own eyes as he saw all of
Siddhartha’s wisdom compose before him.


Siddhartha’s journey of
self-discovery was displayed through the experiences he had to go through in
order to fulfil his goal of becoming a wise man of his own wisdom, and those
experiences showed him how far he could go to fulfil it. It was clear that
Siddhartha had had to believe in things like the ferryman’s prophecy that they
will re-unit, moreover, he had had to let go of many things in life to discover
himself and become a wise man including his family, friends, partner in life,
other smanas and finally his son. The characters of the novel affected on
Siddhartha’s actions through-out it’s events, but some characters like Govinda,
Siddhartha’s father and the merchant didn’t seem to have the urge to change the
actions of Siddhartha. The events of the story are not strongly related to each
other though they don’t have be because after all this the story and the fate
of Siddhartha alone, this creates some suspense for the readers of the novel
but it seems that Siddhartha will always win at the end of the day so there is
not a lot of shadowing in the events. When the main character is a man is going
on a trip to discover himself, there has to be lots of life lessons that we
learn from him. First of which is that you make your own path. Secondly, you
have to show tour respect to the speaker of the opposite side. Thirdly, love is
like faith, with either of them you can things that you can’t without them.
Finally, let go and live with no anxiety.