“My under graduation .I am particularly amazed

goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it
is and why it exists at all.” – Stephen Hawking.

In my formative years as
an impressionable girl, I often sought solace in books penned by one of the
foremost British theoretical physicist and applied mathematician, Stephen
Hawking. Despite his much physical inefficiency, he has catapulted himself to
set off on a path to achieve his goal with commanding ease. His dedication
towards better understanding of this human world and realms beyond them has
always been a source of inspiration to me.

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Technology is used to develop things that are started
as imagination. With application of computers being ubiquitous, I decided to
take up computer science in my under graduation .I am particularly amazed by
the technology of how search engines gather and displays data and hence to
bolster my knowledge on software and computers with specific focus on cloud
computing, I decided to pursue a MS in Software Engineering from San Jose State

During the course of my  under graduation I presented a paper on small
computer graphics of  making fish tank
using OPEN GL API(application interface).I have also presented papers on “black routing and node obscuring in
IOT” ,” wireless sensor and actuator network “and participated in
various intercollegiate technical fest for coding paper presentation. I have
also completed a major project on “Remote monitoring and control of electrical
appliances “using mobile application which was selected for state level project

I have also completed
the below internships in various organizations:

1) An internship of one
month on ERP from Hindustan Aeronautics limited, Bangalore.

2) An internship of 15
days in Telecom Network and Connectivity from BSNL, Mangalore.

3) An internship of 1
month in Java J2ee at Celestial Solutions, Bangalore

4) An internship of 1
month in Mobile Application Development from NIIT, Mangalore.

Unwilling to grow only as a student, I also used my
time at college to grow as an individual through participating in
multi-disciplinary co-curricular activities. I helped co-ordinate 5 events at
Chakravyuh, a national festival hosed by our college. I have also represented
my college at theater contests at the inter university level twice and have
bagged first place. I have also
secured 2nd place in state level science competition during my schooling.
I have completed 6 years of training in the Indian classical singing form –
Carnatic and have also been elected as the Vice president of computer science
in my college .As a part of rural development initiative from our college, I
have visited rural places and partook in teaching computer education to the
kids of rural community

I firmly believe that inquisitive and explorative attitude leads to
constant learning process. My Bachelor’s degree in Computer
Engineering, my project work and extra-curricular activities, grant me
confidence in applying to Master’s degree in Software engineering at Sjsu.I am
especially fascinated by the work of Dr………….. .Post completion of Master’s
degree I foresee myself working at a ……………… in India with companies such as
Google and Facebook .India foresees a huge demand for professionals
specializing in the cloud computing domain and I would want to be a part of this.
I have always believed that the essence of a university lies in the synergetic
relationship between the student and the department. I am confident that
wholesome education that I receive at your university will stand me in good
stead throughout my career.