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My research is on if cell phones can cause cancer or help brain tumors develop. Right now there has been many research projects and they have said that there has not been enough evidence to prove that cell phones can cause cancer. The cells phones give off radiations and also the cell phones pick up radio frequencies and even though these frequencies are small that does not mean that the brain can’t pick it up. Many scientists are worried about the long-term effects of cell phones can change how are brains develop as us kids get older. Since kids are young they will have more exposure to cell phones. The radiation coming of from cell phones will change the lives of everyone.There has been new information on if cell phones really can cause cancer. The California Health Department released information on how cell phones might be a social issue and how to reduce the exposure of the radiation that the cell phone is giving off. The reason we are all worried about cell phones causing cancer is that radiation is a big part of DNA damage and since phones are like an addiction so many people will be on their phones 24/7. But the radiation from the phones are not strong enough to cause much damage to your brain. If cell phones really can cause cancer then it must happen a different way. There has been research using rats using signals that are linked to cause cancer. The study found that the rats developed rare brain and heart cancers which the scientist still don’t know how it happened. The Department of Veterans Affairs Pettis Va Medical Center found that the radiofrequency signals can interact with living tissue which the department found in the rats.Swedish researchers have found that there is a higher risk of brain tumor developing on the side of the brain that you use your phone on. Those who are exposed to cell phone radiation as teenagers have a four to five higher chance of developing a brain tumor. There is still not enough evidence to prove cell phone can cause any kind of cancer. What the real focus is how much radiation it takes to cause any kind of cancer. It has been said that cell phone radiation has the same frequency from cell phone antennas and microwave frequencies. In our U.S Federal Government has made a study for animals being exposed to phone radiation frequency and the results might be surprising. The U.S Federal Government found that the exposure to phone radiation increases the risk of getting heart and brain tumors ub the animals. But why aren’t the researchers getting the same results in the humans?Cell phones have changed the way the world communicates on a daily basis. What researchers have found is even if there is no evidence to cell phones causing cancer the real problem is the long-term affect the cell phones cause. The different amounts of radiation exposure depends on distance away from the phone and the user, the technology of the phone and the extent and type of mobile phone and users distance of the user is from the nearest cell tower. In 2011, International Agency for Research on cancer classified mobile phone radiation possibly carcinogenic which means there might be risk of carcinogenicity so since there has not been enough research of the long-term effects so heavy use of mobile phones needs to be conducted. The children that get their phones at the ages of 10 years old and younger have a larger chance of developing a brain tumor because of the nervous system is stilling developingThere has been many studies to what kind of tumors the cell phones can be able to 5cause to develop.  Brain tumors such as gliomas which is cancerous, meningiomas, acoustic neuromas which involves the nerves in your ear, and salivary glands which are all non-cancerous. Scientists have also done experiments on people studying the rate of cancer with the rate of cell phone use. The rate of cell phone use in people showed that there wasn’t any effect of the phone and the brain. This topic has been very difficult to study because of the rapid change in technology in the past decade. We are coming out with new phone every year and they are all very different. All this technology has different kinds of radiation but as we keep coming out with these computers, phones, tablets it has been hard to study since there is a lot of new things added into these things.Timothy J. Moynihan wrote about the possible link with cell phones causing tumors or cancer. He mentioned 3 studies that have studied the link of cancer and phones. The first one was 420,000 cell phone users over a 20 year period, the scientists couldn’t find an evidence. The second study found that cell phones and cancer had an association of salivary glands, but only a small amount of participants had malignant tumors. The third and final study suggested the possible connection of cell phones and Glioma, for the heavy cell phone users but no increase rate. (Timothy J. Moynihan)The problem with all of the studies is that we do not know what can be causing the tumors to grow, the radiation is too small to cause anything and there has been nothing to prove that the cell phones can cause anything. Kind of like tobacco, tobacco takes a little while before cancer will form. What if that is the problem with cell phones? It might take more than usual for the cancer to form, making it harder to study. The most common concern is cell phones causing malignant tumors, which is the only tumors that has had a link with cell phones and the tumor being cancerous. The World Health Organization, agreed that there’s evidence that cell phone radiation is a cancer causing agent. The group classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to people. (Timothy J. Moynihan)  Timothy talks about the common solutions if cell phones can really cause cancer, first he says to lower the use of your phone by using a speaker or a hands-free device. The second is to keep your cell phone away from your head, if you are on a call with someone put them on speaker it is the safest thing to do. Back to The California Department of Public Health and there issue of guidance on how to reduce the exposure of our cell phone radio frequency. The Department quoted that “Radio-frequency energy is non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which doesn’t have enough to remove electrons from atoms. It is not known to damage DNA or cause cancerous mutations.” (Beth Mole P9) The Department also stated that the only clear potential harm is causing heat, which can indeed lead to burns on or in the brain. But of course people would obviously be able to tell if there was a burn inside your head. The department came out saying that there were two studies done in France and Sweden that suggested a link between high cell phone use and risks they have on brain cancer. But 3 larger epidemiological studies, which involved thousands of cell phones users across 13 countries, found no link between use of the cell and the cancer risk. So the real question we should be asking is are the scientists making data up or do they know something that no one else knows about.With the rat study there was a big problem with the study. The rats were exposed to extreme levels of radiation over their whole entire bodies, where humans are just exposed to the head. The Department stated that “Cancer shows up in one to two percent of these rats usually, but the rats can be as high as eight percent. Yet none of the dozen of control rats developed tumors before dying early in the study.” (Beth Mole P12) This proves that before these rats died early they did not have the tumors that the other rats developed later. So what did they die from, no one really knows.