My Duck-Bot, Room-Cleaning Robot ,Fire Fighting Robot ,

My name is Aditi Prasad and currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s
Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the Amrita
University, Amritapuri campus.


I am describing in this letter, my reverence for the prestigious
institution, KTH and my interests that drove me into applying for the Master’s
Institute of technology.

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I seek for opportunities to build up my career and I always work in the
light of that vision. I was very delightful to find an opportunity to
pursue my Master’s program at the prestigious institution, the KTH Royal
Institute of Technology. I applied for this program because computers have
been a crucial aspect of my life. I have relished every opportunity that I have
had to either study computing at school, or to learn more about IT through a
hands-on approach of experimenting with computers myself. This is an
opportunity that can broaden my understanding about the concepts of
Information and Networks Engineering that can in turn not only improve my
career as an engineer but also enhance my research-oriented skills.


I have chosen to apply for KTH Royal Institute of Technology, because it
is a center for intellectual talent, innovation and collaboration. The uncompromising
excellence of its Information and Networks Department is outspoken and the
quality of its educational system did allure me to apply for the Master’s
program in KTH. 


During my studies as a Bachelor’s student I have found an immense
interest for various aspects of Electronics Engineering. KTH gives me an opportunity
to broaden up my conceptual understanding and going deeper into the subject of
my interest. With the help of my college, I was able to get aware of my
inquisitive nature towards this subject and had given me immense interest
to do various projects which include Modified
handmade solar cooker ,Self-balancing Duck-Bot, Room-Cleaning
Robot ,Fire Fighting Robot , Bluetooth Controlled Robot, Robot-
Soccer. Apart from technical projects I have also done
Research and Survey on ‘Skill development for Rural India’ as part of Live-In-Labs
project at Himachal Pradesh, North India which adds
to my humanitarian side in life.


Some of my achievements include -Gold award in National Level Category
(Best Humanitarian Robot) for RUDRA RHEX- “All Terrain Robot” in
Prize),Poster Presentation(3rd prize) at “ROBOTSAVAM” International
Techfest. I was able to present a paper titled -“SMARTPHONE CONTROLLED HEXAPOD
on Cognitive Informatics & Soft Computing (CISC-2017) and it’s publication
done in “International Journal of Engineering & Technology”
which is a Scopus Index Journal.


 I would like to make the best use
of my two years at the University of KTH. This would help me to deepen my
knowledge of Information and Networks Engineering in the cosmopolite
environment of one of the largest British universities, KTH. I am pretty sure
that my exposure to KTH can improve my conscience in making me into a
better individual apart from the academic opportunities and improvements
it offers. Thank you for considering my request. I am looking forward to your
positive response.


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