My had a slit in it, like

My best friend Gabe and I were playing army in the woods. I told Gabe to report to headquarters (our tree house). I was sitting in the tree house waiting for Gabe when I heard him yelp. I jumped out of the tree house and ran to him. Gabe had a scrape on his knee but nothing bad. We look down at Gabe’s feet to see a wooden box with a lock on the top and a hole with a rubber cover on it so you can’t see the inside of it. The rubber had a slit in it, like those Halloween surprise boxes. We sat in silence for a few seconds until Gabe finally asked me,”What are we going to do with it?””It’s getting dark, so I say we bring it to the tree house then come back tomorrow.”    We both had to carry the box. It was surprisingly heavy, maybe a little over 100 pounds. The hardest part of moving the box was probably getting the box into the treehouse.    The next morning Gabe and I meet at the treehouse. “So which one of us are going to put our hand in the box?””I say we do rock, paper, scissors. Whoever loses first has to face the box.”Of course, I lose first round. I turned to face the box.”On the count of three. One. two. THREE!”I stuck my hand into the box and immediately pulled it out, wiping the blood off my finger and onto my t-shirt.”What the heck was in that box?”” Go grab the sledgehammer and we can find out.”While Gabe ran back to the house to get the sledgehammer I took that time to put a band-aid on my finger. There was a surprisingly large gash and it was bleeding a lot. When Gabe got back we immediately went to breaking the box. Right before Gabe was about to swing he stopped himself.”What if there’s something in here we don’t want to see.””Come on Gabe, just swing and get it over with.”He finally breaks the box open. Inside was an assortment of guns and knives with small blood stains on each. We sat is silence for a few minutes just staring at the weapons.”What do we do now?””Go grab one of my duffle bags.”Gabe ran to the corner of the tree house and grabbed the gray and green duffle bag. We threw all the weapons in the bag and walked back to my house. We started doing research looking for any information on the weapons. We come across an article on a murder right in our town. The police believe it to be two young boys about the same age as Gabe and I. We decided not to touch the weapons anymore. We grabbed the bag and ran down to the police station.We got to police station and ran up to the counter.”We found these guns in the backwoods of our house. We were wondering what they were from.”The woman looks at us and immediately seems alarmed. ” The kids from case 79b have turned themselves in!”Within seconds there were at least five cops surrounding us. Two large men grabbed Gabe first, which is odd considering “he’s a very small kid. Then the other three grabbed me. Gabe and I were put in the same cell. “Can we have our phone call yet?” I asked, hoping we could get out of here soon.”We will call your parents for you to arrange a trial. Since you are murder suspects you are going to need a trial.”Gabe broke down into tears. He can’t handle pressure like I can. His dad and his sister has been in prison for years, and both his aunts got the death penalty.  It’s just him and his mom. He’s a soft-hearted, nice little kid. I’m 13 and Gabe’s only 11 so he wouldn’t do very good in prison. He’d probably kill himself from the pressure.”What’s going to happen to us.”Gabe’s voice was shaky.”We’re gonna get out of here, don’t worry. They’ll give us a trial and realize they have the wrong kids. Everythings going to be fine Gabe. I promise.”They told us or trial will be held two weeks from now, so we’d be held in the “Youth Detention Center” or juvie. Gabe started to lighten up a bit. He got a little happier knowing we didn’t do anything.The day of the trial was nerve-racking. We were both super nervous even though we were innocent. We sat down and started the trial. The judge asked a lot of questions to me after seeing how uncomfortable it was making Gabe. “Do you know anything about the murder case? Case 79b?””We only know a little bit. We were just trying to figure out what these weapons were. And then we got suckered into this horrible situation.” The judge looked us over thoroughly. Then the whole jury went to vote. “We find the defendants, not guilty. They will be released from the detention hall y by the end of tonight.”Gabe jumped with joy. He was so happy. He couldn’t wait to go home.We went back to the hall to get all of our stuff. Gabe’s mom met us at the front doors and he immediately hugged his mom. We all got in the car and went home.The next day we were hanging in the treehouse when Gabe looked over and giggled at me.”To think this all started because I tripped over a box.”