My to the challenges that studying for a

My name is Bogdan –
Nicusor Halinga. I am 25 years old and I am from Romania. From an early age, I
have always been deeply interested in computing. I am an exceptionally
motivated and driven person. I have enjoyed the challenge of studying English
so that I am prepared for studying in the United Kingdom.

The digital world has a big impact in our lives, we
can do everything we need just using the computer or even the phone. Nowadays
is almost impossible to find a job if you not manage a computer. Since I have
my first memories I was always passionate about games off all sorts, and
growing my interest in finding an explanation about how the computers are
working increase considerable. The internet has unlimited source of knowledge,
50 years ago, no one could suspect that it will be possible to have access for
all the existing books, to communicate allover the world and to find answers
for all the questions just with the help of a device.

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Looking for a University where I can develop my thirst
of knowledge, I found that the University of Roehampton is most suitable one.
One of the reasons is that the Roehampton University offers me the course I
want Computing Technologies, secondly, Roehampton University is situated in the
heart of the London being very close to the public transport. Lastly but not
less important, this University provide an excellent environment for study
being equipped with all the facilities such a computer room, library and so on.

 I am ambitious
and very determined to succeed at University. University is not just about
getting a degree, it about doing what you love. I am looking
forward with great anticipation to the challenges that studying for a degree in
Computing Technologies
will bring.

I love computing world and I see my self in the future
working for a big company and put in practice the skills achieved during the




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