“Netiquette””Effective , make sure it is worth reading

“Netiquette””Effective communication is contact that is acted upon in a good manner.”- David Chile’sMillennials of today’s generation are observed to be ” techie”. With regards to this , proper netiquette must be observed in the online world ,the cyberspace. With so much self discipline , one can promote a harmonious sense of socialization and an ideal “internet-user” relationship. We must be aware when we are interacting in the cyberspace, we must know our limitations . We must set our ” do’s and dont’s” an strive to apply it. In this blog , I prepared only three(3) examples of common situations that needs the application of proper netiquette. First thing first, being a student requires us loads of research and projects , when getting information from the internet ,don’t forget to cite the source to avoid plagiarism. Don’t try to claim the certain work of others , instead , give credits to that person and if possible , ask permission. Second , when asked to post some informative stuffs , make sure it is worth reading and the information you have given are reliable and true because the reader might get a wrong information and you are accountable to that because you are the carrier of that wrong information.Know what you are talking about and make sense. Last but not far from least , in the online world , we socialize. This socialization doesn’t literally mean that we meet personally and talk to them face to face. Hence , everyone must think before they click. In social medias such as Facebook. Instagram , Twitter and many others , users must pay attention with their post either its a picture or mere words. This is because ,nowadays, users don’t give a damn on their posts and forget that there’s a human being on the other side of the computer that may not like it or they will be caught by words and get hurt . It’s an issue of today’s generation that they use social media to express their selves lustfully and harshly ,that would pave the way to abusive acts and arguments.A friendly piece of advice ,cut this bad act. It would be a better act to be polite and pleasant in the cyberspace and avoid using offensive language and keep other personal issues and private to show respect to other users. Hence, netizens should find happiness in their own limitations because its for their own good and for the good of others. Being accountable of their behavior and acts is a good netiquette. Dealing with the internet may bless us in many ways ,but it could be a curse to all users if they don’t observe proper netiquette.