No this pre-explained issue will be re-considered

one can deny that there are many ongoing critical issues occupying the current
day’s society, such as but not limited to wars, territorial conflicts, natural
disasters, and so on. However, one of the issues that is emerging rapidly is
the question of building and using nuclear power plants, and this issue
concerns the public more than ever in especially these days where a lack of
energy is present in full force. While nuclear energy has many advantages and
disadvantages, it is a clear requirement to evaluate the current situation in
an effective manner. In this article, this pre-explained issue will be
re-considered within the titles of nuclear energy, nuclear power plants and


many people can state, nuclear energy is the type of energy that can be
obtained via atoms. Another information that can be given is about the ways of
obtaining nuclear energy, which are nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. To
explain these notions briefly, one can state that nuclear fusion is when two
smaller nuclei combine to form a larger one, and the formation process releases
a lot of energy. Nuclear fusion isn’t and cannot be the primary technique of
us, the humankind, to obtain large amounts of energy, since this incident can
only be observed via the sun and other stars, although scientists are working
on several experiments. A clear example of fusion is the combining of two
smaller-in-size hydrogen nuclei to form greater-in-size helium nuclei. Instead
of fusion, nuclear power plants use the other way, nuclear fission; which, in
fact, has the exact reverse definition of nuclear fusion: a nuclei dividing
into smaller parts. During this process, the main material used by the nuclear
plants is the element uranium, due to the fact that it is radioactive and a
heavy metal, containing a considerable amount of concentrated energy.

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as this is the main question required to evaluate the issue, we must ask: how
do nuclear power plants work? Nuclear plants produce electricity 


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