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Non-profit games, tombolas and advertising lotteries will be classified under this new framework as Low Risk Games. Rather than requiring a licence, such games will be required to acquire a Low Risk Games Permit, and subject to the relevant parameters, will be exempt from paying gaming tax. The new law shall eliminate the requirement to acquire a license to be able to operate an amusement machine . Notwithstanding this exemption, amusement machines shall be registered with the MGA against a nominal fee, to retain oversight and curb abuse, given past incidents in this sector.

Another major reform that will certainly affect the company is the introduction of new licensable activities. The MGA is proposing that key supplies to B2C operators should now be licensed. One example is a gaming software including gaming platforms which to date are not licensable unless our providers also host and manage the game. Our key suppliers are to take proper advice on whether their activities shall likely become licensable. Persons in control with the over-all running of the gaming service, entail a personal license. Stakeholders working in this company, should welcome this innovation as it is a step towards building a better relationship between operator and regulator and achieves a greater level of transparency. 

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It is necessary to implement responsible gaming resolutions. This company is committed to transport technology that enables a high level of player protection, particularly those players who are still under the age of 18 or are at a risk of gambling. We aim to strive to safeguard minors from being exploited and to protect funds of vulnerable persons. The Player Support Unit at the MGA will be registered as an ADR service provider which may be made use of by all players in line with the new European Directive transposed into national law. The proposed framework will prohibit players from resorting to offers not regulated and that do not adhere to European consumer protection standards and do not abide by responsible gaming rules. We believe that players should be placed at the heart of every gaming policy and therefore focus should be directed towards creating obligations that should accompany a set of player rights currently availed of by consumers of gaming services. Players who opt for multi-channels, have a right to play in a safe and transparent environment regulated in accordance with EU law. 


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