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“None of us can deny that the lines separating professional and personal life have become blurred. Today?stechnology provides the means for us to be „on? 24×7. While this has advantages, it also has downsides.Thus, to what extent we allow our work to affect our personal life has become a key element ofany discussion around individual productivity and well-being.The conventional idea of „work-life balance? has evolved into the contemporary reality of„work-life integration?. This reality recognizes that work and life are not two oppositessides of the equation, and, thus, switching one „off? to switch the other „on? is not practicalin the modern workplace. The key question therefore is „How??How do we enjoy work and life at the same time, so that we become more fulfilled, andultimately, more effective?Enjoying one?s work is crucial in order to be effective and achieve success. But, not all of us enjoy work all ofthe time, and our inability to find joy in our work often bogs us down.Ideally, before choosing a career path, we should ask ourselves, “What do I love to do?” We may not have theanswer, or the luxury of time to discover it. But, what stops us from asking ourselves the same question evenafter we have begun our career. This question is relevant at any point of time, and identifying the answercould help us discover a unique source of personal growth and inspiration.We experience different aspects of ourselves at work and outside of it. Both environments can be potentialsources of inspiration if we see them as part of a whole, rather than as opposites. Research tells us aboutpeople who are happy and successful simply because they have discovered ways to integrate differentaspects of their lives to reinforce and enhance each other. They demonstrate how success can be achievednot at the expense of the rest of our life, but because of commitments we make to our own growth, to ourfamilies, to our co-workers and to the community.If we love what we do, or do what we love, we make the shift from „managing? work-life integration to„maximizing? it. This allows work and life to co-exist in harmony and enables us to achieve big things withouthaving to make big sacrifices.”