Nowadays, to share ideas and connect more easily

Nowadays, more and more new trends of learning and development
are evolving. The desirability of the classical approach where training is
offered through a catalogue has been gradually decreased. Although, it is
impossible to be determined in saying, offering professional courses through catalogues
is inefficient. However, it does in fact offers ample of opportunities, yet a limited
range of solutions. That is due to its limitation in covering specific areas of
needs and its openness for all employees to attend. Likewise, without reference
to a development plan or consideration of the learning that is appropriate for employees’
role. offering professional courses through catalogues is considered as a course
that the same people making their way through the catalogue of courses without a
proper professional plan (Stewart 2017).

In comparison, the impact upon organizational development has constantly
raised and created a need for new trends and emerging practices in learning and
development in order to increase an organizational advancement and competition
in the market. In this changing world of work emerging technologies has showed
itself as the best evolving trend in developing human practices. To explain my
first example in details, many if not all airline companies have used and still
relying on technology in stimulation training as its main tool of learning and
development in developing human practices, and meeting stakeholders needs. For instance,
stimulation training is mainly based on technology to train pilots and technicians
on different aircrafts. However, implementing stimulation training has created many
emerging practices for trainers and employees as well. Employees from different
work backgrounds and departments their roles have become no less important than
pilots and technicians. In order to use this particular new trend, many
employees will need to be trained on different things.  Starting from how to install and do regular maintenance
on the stimulation machines. While other employees will need to be trained on
how to design stimulation training programs and keep it up to date. And
eventually trainers will be needed to guide the stimulation training programs and
monitor trainees progress. As a result, such a pragmatic approach to learning
and development has become more desirable because it is a tailored approach of
training that enables people to share ideas and connect more easily and

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In today’s world, not only organisations and business stakeholders
are aiming toward more productivity, but also focusing on having a greater
expectation on their learning and development specialists’ ability to deliver top
notch learning solutions to support and meet their organisations outcomes. 

Another example of a new trend in learning and development is digital
learning programs. A note that is worth mentioning, regardless of which new
trend in learning and development emerge. The need of learning and development
trainers is needed since every new trend creates more and more emerging practices
for learning and development trainers. To take an example, Socrative, Kahoot,
and many other educational learning technologies all of them are immensely used
as tools to develop human practices.

  Since digital technologies enable learning to
be available anytime and anywhere with many also choosing to learn in their own
time and often from their own sources of learning and knowledge.

With the proliferation of rich, readily available online
content, learning design is shifting from not just creation but to curation as