Nurses had a unpredictable experience of nursing

are the backbone of any health care deliveries system. Nursing care is one
among the many components within the patient care
management. It includes of serving to the patients to keeping the
privacy of patient, usual routine health checkup, good manners,
nursing skills, accurate and physical care of patients 1.The improvement
of healthcare services could be a very important issue
that depends on patient’s opinion of the quality of the received care 2. Assessing the
standard of services offer by nurses is important and,
therefore, nurses are challenged to keep up and
acquire higher their quality of care 3. Nursing care plays a very
important responsibility in determining the general satisfaction of patient’s
hospitalization understanding 4. The American Nurses
Association (2000) defines ‘patient satisfaction with nursing care’ as
patients’ opinion of care received from nursing staffs throughout their
hospitalization 5.The approach patients understand nursing
care largely depends on their public status, age, educational
level, cultural background and former hospital experiences. Support
and respect from nurses, regular accessibility of nurses and properly given
reaction are the key indicators of satisfaction 6.Determine
patient satisfaction with nursing care is very important in
assessing whether patients’ needs are fulfill and
consequently supporting within the planning similarly as
implementing satisfactory nursing intervention for patients. Determining those
factors that contribute most to patient
satisfaction will additional assist nurses in raising the
standard of nursing care 7. Overall, patients had a unpredictable
experience of nursing care; 45% were satisfied with care give while 55% were
dissatisfied Among 6 dimensions of care, patients liked nursing practice of
keeping privacy of patient. Patients were also highly satisfied (90%) about
their regularity in routine vital signs checking, while 6% were moderately
dissatisfied. When patients were asked about manners, 90% were not feeling
comfortable talking to nurses. Only 10 % felts nurses were excellent. 40%
patients respected nursing skill while 84% patients had negative experiences as
they observed nurses were not caring to their needs, mainly at night. The same
percentage also had negative perception with respect to physical care 8. Hence,
the purpose of this study is to assess patients’ satisfaction with nursing care
in tertiary care hospital of Peshawar”