Obesity prevalent in our society, obesity can

Obesity is one of the most pressing and
growing health problems here in the United States.  It is a
major health problem that cannot be solved by individuals alone
because it is an issue that impacts us all in some sort of
way. Government leaders have a vital role to play with first
becoming more active leaders and understanding what obesity
is. Policies are needed. Government leaders must continue developing
strong effective yet long-term public policies that will promote access to
affordable healthy food options and increased physical activity within
is what doctors call it when a person has too much body fat. When someone
is obese, it can become very difficult for them to lose weight. There are
many health problems which can be
caused by obesity.  In recent years there have been
progress, but obesity rates are
still high. Obesity is nevertheless a concern that
contributes to the soaring health care costs and
the tremendous economic burden that comes along with it. 
Although obesity is a complex problem that have become prevalent in
our society, obesity can also be preventable issues along
with many health issues it causes.
            My interests
in obesity are that I am constantly seeing more and more “overweight”
people within my own family. I have noticed that some family members have
become complacent with being overweight and obese. They indulge in
eating whatever they want, not caring
how obesity is affecting this nation is also influencing their
quality of life.  A large portion of my family members have been
diagnosed with some underlying health issues such as diabetes, heart
disease and high blood pressure that were brought on
by obesity. 

Let’s not overlook childhood obesity in this country as well. (Studies)Even
childhood obesity is at the risk of developing high blood pressure,
stroke, cancer and diabetes. There are many factors that
contributed to children
being obese. Unhealthy foods are marketed all the time. The
food and beverage industries invest billions of dollars promoting unhealthy
foods while targeting children.  Although there are signs
that childhood obesity rates are starting to
decline, childhood obesity remains a problematic concern that
cannot be dismissed.     

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