Objective potential drug tests. The procedure is now

Objective of
the study:

The main
objective of the study was to show how membrane interactions are largely dependent
by lipids. This was done by using antimicrobial peptides that were unrelated
and observing their interactions with the membrane. Peptide orientations were monitored
for varying concentration, temperature, lipid composition. the re-alignmemnts
of the peptides were observed and it was concluded that theit is most
favourable around the lipid chain melting temperature and was also promoted by
decreasing bilayer thickness.

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 2. Techniques used to conduct the

NMR screening has appeared as a powerful and consistent
approach for the identification of potential drug tests. The procedure is now known
for its effect on the drug discovery development and has become a significant
tool for lead identification, lead validation, and lead optimization in many
pharmaceutical industries. A number of different NMR experiments has been
proposed in the literature for performing these tasks. The main two methods,
which were, recently introduced uses fluorine NMR spectroscopy. The first one
is Fluorine chemical shift anisotropy and exchange for screening (FAXS). Where as
the second method is the three fluorine atoms for biochemical screening (3-FABS).
Both of these methods allow one to perform binding and functional highthroughput
screening (HTS). In this experiment they used F NMR to monitor the alignment
states of the peptides by rapidly acquriring fingerprint lineshapes.the
experiment screened peptide concentration, temperature and various lipid
concentration. The two antimicrobial peptide structures were different


screening was done by solid state 19F NMR of singly 19F-labeled

Helical PGLa and
cyclic gramicidin S are found to have similar lipid interactions.

insertion is favored near phase transition.

interactions are largely governed by physico-chemical lipid propertie

3. novelty
of the study:

this study showed
that both the peptides even though had different structures they both showed
similar re-alignment behaviours which signified that peptides in general express
similar mechanisms towards membrane disruption.

of the work and how it will benefit society;

the study encompassed
the peptide-lipid interactions which is essential for the study of
antimicrobial peptides.

The most
important key to take from this study is the peptide-lipid interaction, which
will lead to the study of antimicrobial peptides.

5. limitations of the
study and how it could have been improved. 


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