Of their actions aren’t causing harm to others

Of the three traditions, Liberalism, Republicanism, and
Americanism, I identify the most with Liberalism because I feel that Liberalist
beliefs and values have had great influence on American political culture.
Liberalists believe that people naturally have a right to property, life, and
liberty. Naturally, everyone is born equally, both procedurally and
substantively. The government is responsible for making sure that individuals aren’t
being limited when it comes to living their best life by poverty, disease, and
discrimination. Liberalism is based on individual rights and how the government
is to make sure individual rights are being protected as long as their actions aren’t
causing harm to others around them. The goal is to ensure that the government
should have enough power to act while serving public interest only. Liberalists
are aware that the government could pose a threat to liberty, which could
possibly lead to tyranny by the majority. A solution to address this fear would
be to place limitations on the power of the government to prevent the possible
abuse of power.

self-government, liberty and individualism are the most important elements of American
political culture. Liberalism addresses each of these elements by creating rules
that protect and ensure that individuals are guaranteed each of these rights.
The U.S. abides by the ideology of “Classical Liberalism” where individuals are
defined by the society in which they live in. They society also exists based
off the choices of each individual living in the society. Most immigrants come
to America for the opportunity to make it in life and to be able to live the “American
Dream”. The “American Dream” for many is the switch from being in poverty and oppression
to having freedoms that were not given to them before. Prosperity is the goal
for many when coming to America, land of the free!

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