“On job, setting and sex were studied. He

year 2001, Valentine examined how acculturation affects cultural identity,
and generation statuses and a sample of 110 teachers. The hierarchical regression
analysis was used for analysis. Results showed that on
acculturation there was a positive effect of generation status and self-esteem.
But on Hispanic cultural identity there was a negative impact of acculturation”.


year 2005, Kent studied on the association between burnout and collective
self-esteem was done by 533 school counselors were taken as a sample for research.
Geographic location of work length of job, setting and sex were studied.
He also explored whether above variables were significantly related to burnout.
Results show that having high collective self-esteem did not face the situation
of burnout. Further findings of research showed that high level of burnout was
found in those counselors who were working in urban settings in comparison to
other counselor who were working in school environment.”

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year 2005, Zyoudi inspect whether there were differences in self- esteem among teens
with low vision due to gender. The sample population consisted of 10 males and
13 females and 23 teens aged 12-17 years in the first year of secondary school.
The Tennessee Self-esteem Scale (TSCS) was used by the researcher for
the evaluation of self-concept. The results of the study showed that there were
some differences in the adolescents’ self-behavior and elf-esteem
due to gender. Female students scored lower on social family self- behavior, self-esteem,
and moral self-behavior dimensions than male students, but higher on physical


year 2006, Anne took high school teachers as a sample to study
their self- esteem. The goal of the study was to find out what were factor
affecting life satisfaction of the teachers. The multiple regression analysis was
used to find out the best predictor of self-esteem. Results show that 80% of
teacher was curbed due to self-esteem and there was no difference in level of self-esteem
between younger and old teachers”.


year 2006, Azar studied on the association among quality of life, hardiness, self-efficacy
and self-esteem on working and non-working married women. 500 women were taken
as a sample. Among 500women 250 were employed and 250 were unemployed. The main
control for the research were age-range (24- 41), status (low, middle and
high). To analysis the result pearson r value was used. Results showed the
positive relation among quality of life, hardiness, self-efficacy and
self-esteem on working and non-working married women”. 


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