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Once upon a time there lived a farmer who own a land that wasn’t small and wasn’t to big but just enough and he stayed in the village of santa rita.The  name of the person was Ivan. Ivan is a nice person and a good nature person. He lived on a small house next to his farm.ivan loves to help other people in need if there ill or not.If someone past away in the neighborhood, Ivan would help the family in  anyway he can.The person that would be sick whenever in the day, ivan would always be next to the doctor to set the medicines.Ivan was known to be the kindest man ever.But there is this one person who didn’t like ivan.It was one of the neighbor name jake. Jake is a farmer too like ivan, but jake doesn’t put that much effort on his own crops unlike  Ivan did with his own. Since every year there is days where you plant so your plants can bear cops, Ivan found out that he would only have little crops to sell.Jake in the other hands would have a lot of profit of selling his own crops.One year jake couldn’t hold his hatred on Ivan.Days before it was time for Ivan to pick his crops , Jake set Ivan crops on fire. Ivan wasn’t there that time when the crops got caught on fire. but at least the neighbor noticed there was fir on his crops and set out the fire only saving at least a portion of his crops. when the fire was out by the neighbor. Ivan investigated and found out were the fire has started. leading to his neighbor Jake. But even tho it lead towards to jake, Ivan just let it go until the next time ivan sees jake do it, then he will take action.That year Ivan was able to sell his portion of crops for a good price, but he couldn’t make any profit of the other crops that was burned by the fire.Ivan was sad and sorrowful that almost all his crops were gone.Days later, Ivan awoke to a crying. he went to look where the crying came from.Ivan saw this huge crowd in front of Jake house and that’s where the crying came from too. Ivan found out that jake own son has been very ill. and the the doctor in that area couldn’t find a cure for it. so Ivan did what he had to do. Ian got his old car and went to a far village called yigo because they were known for the best doctor. So jake brought the doctor all the way to santa rita.The doctor found a cure for the illness and jake son got better. The next day jake went to iavan house to tell ivan what he did. Ivan told all the things what he did to ivan crops. he even admit that he was the one who set ivan crops on fire.But jake asked why did you look for the doctor even tho i destroyed all the things you have. so ivan replied by saying i only did what was right and what id did was the right thing to do.Jake thank Ivan so much for what he did.  both of the mens were greatly in tears becuase that day they became friends On that day, Ivan even became a more of a better person. Ivan soon produced much more crops than before. And in the end they both became best friends.


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