Once she was confident in herself. She

Once there were two friends.
One named Farwa and the other was Ifra. Ifra was brave, confident and always believed
in herself that she can do anything and with this strong belief she always succeeds
in her test and also participated in other activities too. Farwa was fearful
girl who never believed in herself she always says that “If I would be lucky I
would get passing marks in my tests, my fate is too bad everything always went
wrong with me”. She thought that she doesn’t do anything.

One day on her test she got
failed. Her teacher was very angry with her. She said that “You are always fail
in your test, you have a great mind but never used it, you also never took part
in any activity, I am saying you if you got failed in next test you shall be
promoted in the previous class!” she was very sad.

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On night she was at her room
her friend Ifra was there too, Farwa was very sad she said “I can never do
anything! My fate is too bad it always leads me to loss.” Farwa was very
disappointed with her attitude she advised her “I know you have a great mind,
don’t become your fate, for that, you can do anything if you want to, believe
in Allah and give yourself a second chance!” after she had left. Farwa slept.

When she was sleeping she
dreamed that she was very confident with herself, she was taking excellent
marks in every tests she also took participate in every activity and always
succeed!’ suddenly she woke up and it was fine. Sunday morning, she thinks deeply
over the dream and her friends advise. Then she decided to believe in herself
and gave herself a second change. So she worked hard and prepared for her test.
On the next day, she gave the test and got full marks in it! She was very
happy! Her friend Farwa was pleased with her and said “See! I told you if you
believe in yourself and work hard you can do anything”

From that day she was confident
in herself. She got full marks in every test and also took part in every


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