One word originated from Latin “sub” meaning below

One significant aspect of advertisements would be subliminal messages, as they
greatly influence our buying behavior. Subliminal messages are a form of
manipulation to the human mind, as they convince the consumers that the products
they are viewing are products that they need. This will be analyzed more later on. Our
mind is a complicated machine; our subconscious mind and the subliminal messages
that we are taking in are at constant war. Before going into more detail, there should
be a brief understanding of what subliminal messages actually are. The word
originated from Latin “sub” meaning below and “liminal” meaning threshold, putting
it together: below threshold. They consist of visual flashes, that are too fast for the eye
to acknowledge, as well as sounds lower then the ear can hear. (Linstrom, M. (2008),
(Solomon, M. (2009),(See Appendix 3),( (
When it comes to our subconscious mind you can think of it as a room where
everything (M.Rarouk Radwan, 2018), which is not in your conscious mind, is stored.
Inside this room are your memories, your experiences as well as, everything you have
gone through in the past, these can sometimes evoke imagery in our brain. Before
really linking advertisements to our brain, we need to have a better understanding of
how our brain functions. (See Appendix 1)
4.How does our brain process information?
The human brain is seen as something very complicated, as certain things advanced
such as technology, the certain words used advanced as well. The way the human
brain starts to process certain information starts with our senses, which we then take
in and transform to things such as touch, sound and feelings. Once information is
processed to a certain extent, a so-called filter then decides how important the
information is that we are taking in, and therefore making it available to us.
When your brain wants to process information, it has to be stored first, and only then
can it be analyzed. However, there are multiple ways a brain can actually process