One 10 deaths) in Canada along with 46

of the largest food recalls within the last 15 years would be the
Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Beef Recall of February 2008. This was due to
the improper inspection of the animals pre-slaughter. It was proven that the
cows involved were too ill to walk and therefore shouldn’t have been approved
for slaughtering. If the Department of Agriculture had not forced the recall,
it would have been possible for various diseases such as Mad Cow to spread. A
total of 143 million pounds of beef were recalled, yet there was no stated
associated cost. Because there were no found cases of related illness from the
meat, society fortunately did not have to suffer (other than school lunch
programs in which the meat was destined for had to find a second option) (Mohr,

one of the largest food recalls involved Peanut Corp. in which occurred in
2008. Over 3,200 products were recalled due to causing more than 600 cases of
illness (including almost 10 deaths) in Canada along with 46 other states. This
particular company deliberately sold products that tested positive for
salmonella. If it were not for the CDC and FDA inspectors that correlated the
illnesses/deaths with the peanut products, Peanut Corp. would most likely still
be in business and shipping salmonella contaminated products knowing the
potential consequences. Because of so many reported illnesses, most consumers
refused to purchase/consume peanut butter products from companies that weren’t
even involved in the recall. This led to an enormous decline of sales, and a
loss of over $1 billion in the peanut industry (Mohr, 2018).

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third largest food recall within the last 15 years includes the Wright
County/Hillandale Farms Eggs recall of 2018. This also resulted from traces of
salmonella and an inefficient sanitation process. The recall led to almost
2,000 reports of related illnesses (fortunately no deaths). If the recall were
not initiated, sanitation practices would not have been improved and therefore
society could have suffered from thousands of salmonella related illnesses.
There was no stated associated cost (Mohr, 2018). 


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