Organizational autonomy. Leadership of each store is set

Organizational Behavior Tonia University of Phoenix Managing the Business Enterprise MMPBL/502 Richard Camacho August 1, 2011 Organizational Behavior Change is not always easy and in the fast paced world of Kudler Fine Foods not changing could mean becoming stagnated and unsuccessful. As the business strategizes for the next change, Brenda Wagner, Human Resources Manager for Kudler Fine Foods has asked Team C to review personnel files and other documents in order to assess readiness for change. Making a proper assessment means ascertaining the organizational culture.

This paper will describe the organizational structure and provide a synopsis of how leadership style lends to organizational performance. Additionally, the team will describe how leadership style can affect employee motivation. The paper will also include external factors that drive change for Kudler Fine Foods. Organizational Culture “ Organizational culture is a system of shared values, assumptions, beliefs, and norms that unite the members of an organization” (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2002, para. 10).

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The organizational culture of a company can also be described as the framework that an organization uses to create policy and meet organizational objectives. At Kudler Fine Foods, Kathy Kudler, is not only responsible for the vision of the organization, but is also responsible for the organizational culture (University of Phoenix, 2009). The organizational culture at Kudler Fine Foods is a mixture of different cultures; club culture is one way to describe Kudler’s organizational culture. Organizations with a club culture seek the right person for the job and tend to promote from within the company (TEXTBOOX).

Kudler Fine Foods is extremely selective throughout the hiring process and usually offers open positions to internal candidates before the job is available to the public. (University of Phoenix). Academy culture is another form of culture that may be apparent at Kudler Fine Foods. The academy culture promotes long-lasting relationships with employees and allows for employees to become specialized (TEXT). Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food store that boasts a wide variety of cheeses and wine, with a Wine Steward and other specialists to assist the customer with their gourmet cooking needs (University of Phoenix).

Organizational Structure The organizational structure at Kudler Fine Foods has both vertical and horizontal dimensions. Kathy Kudler is the president Leadership Style The Kudler Fine Foods is built on a highly structured organization. Fortunately, Kathy, Chief Executive Officer of the organization gives each store a bit of autonomy. Leadership of each store is set by the divisional approach. In this approach, each individual store manager is responsible for the administration of the store.

Managers are held responsible for the reordering and replenishing of products in the store, and the supervision and, guidance to employees. The store managers receive support from inventory managers and the sales teams. This reflects the administrations team efforts. Another reflection of team management style is shown from the format of the annual employee performance reviews. Each positions expectation is listed along with the descriptions of the job. To help encourage and improve each individual employee, goals are set for the entire year.

Customer service is one of the primary focuses based on the performance reviews of Kudler Fine Foods. Computer programs are being created to help with servicing customers’ needs. An excellent way to ensure long-term relationships with employees is by offering a package with benefits that will help employees function everyday lives. The packages include dental, vision, life, medical, 401k, retirement, paid time off, vacation, and much more. Job satisfaction can be used to retain employees by offering packages of benefits along with encouraging improvement.

After looking through employee reviews, it seems as though Kudler is not awarding individuals equally for their performance in the workplace. Kathy will try to encourage each store to reward employees equally for excellent dedication and service to customers even though the stores are managed separately. To ensure employee retention and excellent service, responding to the issue right away is mandatory to prevent employees from quitting and slacking off. Kathy will want to make sure that the training for supervisors covers key aspects dealing with rewarding employees for excellent service and performance.

Employee Motivation Leadership effort and the mission statement will help motivate employees to perform well. The organization’s mission statement helps to identify the organizations dedication to providing the highest quality of food products, and offering the absolute best experienced and knowledgeable and friendly staffing. Continuous training for her employees is one important aspect of Kathy’s plan and including the best software to help with the training. To ensure motivation in the organization, another tool used by Kudler is benchmarking the activities used by the store Nordstrom.

Nordstrom has a successful customer service and performance level and Kudler will use this to help motivate employees to do the same. Encouraging creativity is another motivation tool used. Ideas like setting up job safety programs, and calling customers when their favorite foods and products are available are ways of being creative. External Forces External to the company different things influence the organization, new businesses opening, changes to existing businesses, the economy, these things can all affect on a company and its bottom line.

Kudler is expanding; Kathy has found a niche and is working it to her advantage, hiring and training employees. Job openings are posted internally before they get posted for external applications. Kudler has developed a training and development program to ensure that the customers are served by the best trained and most courteous employees; the employees are put through extensive training, including a sixty day period of working with a “buddy” co-worker. Employees have an extensive array of compensation and benefits, like insurance and a 401k program.

The company also offers a flexible spending account and childcare reimbursement. Pay ranges vary, based on prior knowledge and skills, having a minimum, midpoint and maximum pay level. Conclusion In conclusion, Kathy Kudler and Kudler Fine Foods have developed a dynamic organizational culture through leadership and organizational structure. Kudler has position itself through the use of unique products and services beyond the grasp of competition. The leadership style encourages employees to be creative and to provide total customer satisfaction.

Understanding how the organization structure assists with its overall cultural is essential in how employees with deal with change. It is important for Kudler Fine Foods to involve its employees in change and with proper programs in place will be ready for change in the future. References University of Phoenix. (2009). Virtual Organization Portal. Kudler Fine Foods. Retrieve on July 23, 2011, from https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/cist/vop/Business/Kudler2/intranet/op/supplyChainOverview. htm


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