Originally in ways that enrich and extend their

You Foundation


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Raising confident,
motivated, and caring children is a parent’s greatest challenge. The parents
want their children’s to be self-confident and take their own decisions by themselves. High
quality early childhood education and care provides a positive environment in
which children can grow as confident and competent children. Successful
delivery in education relies on many people and organisations across the
community working together for the benefit of children and young people.

The early childhood curriculum, provides a framework
for early childhood services to implement a curriculum that supports children’s
competence and confidence as learners. Developing social competence enables
children to relate to others in ways that enrich and extend their learning. The
originally YOU Foundation have a key
role in nurturing children’s emotional well-being and helping children to
develop an understanding of appropriate behaviour.

 The originally YOU Foundation make sure
that the children experience an environment where their emotional well-being is
nurtured. Associated learning outcomes focus on children developing: an
increasing ability to determine their own actions and make their own choices;
an ability to identify their own emotional responses and those of others; and
trust that their emotional needs will be responded to.

The early childhood curriculum, The originally YOU Foundation, provides a
strong foundation for services to plan, implement and evaluate their curriculum
for supporting children’s developing social competence and emotional
well-being. The originally YOU Foundation
describes experiences and indicative outcomes for infants, toddlers and young

The originally YOU
Foundation work in partnership with parents to support children’s
developing social competence, emotional well-being and understanding of
appropriate behaviour .Their behaviour management policy or positive guidance
procedure, and practice are aligned .They have processes to identify children’s
challenging behaviours and strategies to respond to them and their curriculum
assists children to develop as socially and emotionally competent and confident


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