INFORMATIVE about what is Ngaben, how to

INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Topic : The Ngaben Ceremony in Bali General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about one of the most spectacular ceremonies in Bali, Ngaben. Thesis Statement: Hindu is the largest population in Bali, one of ceremony in Hindu religion is Ngaben, this ceremony is performed when there is someone who dies. INTRODUCTION I. The Ngaben is the last and most important ceremony of every Balinese life. It’s the Balinese word for the cremation of the dead, in which the soul is released entirely from the body to ascend to heaven and to be reincarnated.

II. Ngaben ceremony is usually conducted by family, as an expression of respect for a child on his parents. III. I have read and studied book about the Ngaben ceremony and have done research on the Internet. IV. I would like to inform you about what is Ngaben, how to conduct that ceremony and the level of Ngaben. BODY Transition: Now that I’ve discussed the Ngaben itself. A. Ngaben is one of spectacular ceremonies in Bali. 1. Ngaben is a ceremony which was hereditary in Bali and must be done by the whole community Balinese Hindu religion. 2.

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Ngaben, or Cremation Ceremony, is the ritual performed in Bali to send the deceased to the next life. 3. The body of the deceased will be placed as if sleeping, and the family will continue to treat the deceased as sleeping. No tears are shed, because the deceased is only temporarily not present and will reincarnate or find his final rest in Moksha (freeing from the reincarnation and death). 4. On the day of the ceremony, the body of the deceased is placed inside a coffin. This coffin is placed inside a sarcophagus resembling a buffalo (Lembu) or in a temple structure (Wadah) made of paper and wood.

The buffalo or temple structure will be carried to the cremation site in a procession. The procession is not walking in a straight line. This is to confuse bad spirits and keep them away from the deceased. 5. The climax of Ngaben is the burning of the whole structure, together with the body of the deceased. The fire is necessary to free the spirit from the body and enable reincarnation. Transition: Now that I’ve discussed how to conduct Ngaben. 1. Few days before the climax ceremony, the family would consult the “dewa” (good day) to a priest to determine the proper day to conduct this ceremony. 2.

The process began by built a stage as a place for bathing, made a buffalo (a buffalo shaped sarcophagus where the corpse will be put into and burnt) and ‘wadah’ (temple structure made of paper, bamboo and light wood). This buffalo will be carried to the village grave yard in a procession. 3. Before climax ceremony, all family members will give their last respect and begun to pray in order the deceased will somehow get a better place in heaven. 4. Arrive at the graveyard, the corpse then will transferred to a cow, followed by mantra chanting by the priest and the cow will be burnt and it ash carried to sea or river.

When all ceremony had been completed, the deceased considered as ancestor, who believed will reincarnate into their family. Transition: Now that I’ve discussed about the levels of Ngaben There are different levels of social and caste in the Ngaben ceremony. a. The higher caste, Ngaben will run more “good” and will certainly take time and cost too much. b. Levels of caste usually can be observed through the use of tools pallbearers to the grave (Setra), which form the container based on the stratified caste system. CONCLUSION i. Cremation or Ngaben Ceremony is one of the spectacular Balinese Hindu rituals. a.

Ngaben is one of Hindu’s great ceremonies in Bali where the corpse is burnt, accompanied by holly songs and offerings. b. Hindu’s believe that ngaben will return the soul of a dead person to their abode in heaven or send the dead through a transition to his next life. c. Ngaben is also a form of a respect to their parents by releasing the soul from worldly attachment. ii. The complex and time, energy and fund consuming ritual. a. Like any ceremony in Bali, the cremation ceremony’s size and spectacle depends on the importance of the deceased and the money spend. b. While the poorest of the Balinese are buried, and finally cremated in group remations, the people with some more money to spend are cremated right away. BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www. indo. com/culture/cremation. html http://weda. web. id/upacara-ngaben/ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Ngaben http://antro. fisip. unair. ac. id/interaksi. antro. php? id=36 http://budayanusantara. blogsome. com/2011/01/05/ngaben-upacara-kematian-sarat-makna/ http://floressatours. com/articles/2009/03/03/cremation-in-bali/ http://www. balitouring. com/bali_articles/ngaben. htm http://www. balistarisland. com/Bali-Information/Cremation-Ceremony. html http://www. bali3d. com/bali-cremation-ngaben. php


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