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Over the course of human evolution, humans have gained the ability to adapt to different changes in order to increase their survival rate. As time has passed, there have been significant changes to human genetics and the ability to tolerate lactose. Humans from different populations can grow tolerant to milk due to their genetic history, while others have kept the historical intolerance to dairy due to advantages in modern nutrition. These were derived by mutations in genes that improved the chances of surviving, while homo neanderthalensis would not be able to digest lactose as adults. Ultimately, a population’s survival rate is mainly driven by ….Most humans loses the ability to digest lactose, which causes them to become lactose intolerant. In some population however, people are still able to produce lactase, the enzyme that allows people to digest lactose, in adulthood. The difference between being lactose intolerant and lactose tolerant adults is not only because they have different genes, but how their genes are controlled differently. This is mainly because of the mutation in a person’s DNA. Mutations are changes in the genetic code. While DNA is the genetic material used to code for certain physical characteristics. Mutations help allow the DNA to create proteins that functions differently than it would otherwise. About 12,000 years ago not many people in Europe or Africa had the ability to digest lactose. Some people, including a large fraction of individuals of European descent, the ability to break down lactose persists because of a mutation in the lactase gene. This indicates that the allele became common in Europe because of the increased nutrition from the cow’s milk, which became available after the domestication of cattle. Without the mutation it brought hardship to their community, especially during the winter since not many people were able to eat anything lactose related without causing them death. For example, in a population, it is common for everyone’s body to reject lactose related foods, however if there was a mutation among two people it will allow the next generation to become more tolerable to lactose. Moreover, if the population dies due to the starvation of the harsh winter, it is up to the two individuals to make the an offspring that will carry on the mutation. In result, nowadays it is normal for most individuals to produce lactase and if people are lactose intolerance, it isn’t as server as it would be 12,000 years ago.The adults ability to consume milk is known as lactose persistence, it is a recent evolutionary development. In other words, it is a product of natural selection that gives a population survival advantages as well as spreading among the community rapidly. As new technology continues to arise in the modern day, it will allow the society to adapt to changes made that may modify or simplify the problems with lactase. It is now more common and accept among people of this generation to consume dairy products without any negative symptoms. Although there are some people how has difficulty digesting lactose, the consequences are not as severe compared to how it was 12,000 years ago. Environmental exposure allows people the ability to utilize changes in size, new food sources that might be useful in their particular location. In other words, if there were more offsprings who shared this mutation trait, then the trait would eventually become common among the population than a traits that may arise at random. Many countries began adapting to the new changes once domestication was brought to the people’s notice, which exposed a new food source that helped modify health risk and starvation. Both mutation and environmental exposure play a significant role of the adaptation of lactase. Since the mutation was randomly developed in an individual granting the new generation with the same mutation. It is then accompanied with the role of environmental exposure that influences the population the prevalence or severity of not being able to digest lactose. The evolution of human genetics happened rapidly at the cost of mutation which did not negatively affect the population instead increased the fitness and health of individuals. Technology and cultural changes helped shape the genetic changes in human history, specifically pertaining to the concern of milk tolerance. This pushes people to adapt to the new behavior and technology that is provided. These newly created advancement influenced changes in human ability and characteristics. Human created technology to treat illness and disabilities as well as improving the enhancement of the physical and cognitive features. For example, the domestication of cattles allowed humans to farm them and use their milk to survive during the harsh winters. Before people began domesticating the cattles, it was difficult for them to survive under these circumstances of finding a new food source that would not cause any severe deaths. Nowadays, dairy helps a person maintain their fitness and health rate. It provides nutrients that could fight of diseases such as rickets. It is also high concentrated in vitamin D, which became very useful in the long run. Although people were able to get vitamin D through sunlight exposure, it wasn’t enough nutrients to last through the winter. In other words, the mutation created a solution that increased a person’s survival rate and natural selection would have allowed individuals to spread the lactose tolerance mutation. This also cause people to learn how to adapt to the new food source. The advancement ultimately stopped hunger within families. Nevertheless, the development of the lactase enzyme established an increasement of an appetite for grain that is also followed by the growth of agriculture. Evolution has helped society grow and adapt to the new changes that has developed through time. Humans have the ability to… The population would have enough captivity to find other food sources that may replace dairy products if they are no longer able to digest lactose. If a huge percentage of the population began to stop drinking or consuming any lactose products, they would slowly lose their ability to digest even small amounts since their enzyme would not be capable of properly breaking down lactase anymore. Nevertheless, new mutation will arise once again changing a person’s DNA to fit the standard of the survival rate. This is a common life cycle that will continue to offer the population a new version of a trial and error. Eventually, people will notice that the mutation has made them reject the consumption of dairy products. Some people may be able to digest it, while others will react negatively because… As a result the new generation will find alternative food sources to replace the purpose lactose. This would eventually lead the population to evolve to the change of diet as well as passing on the genes of preventing their offsprings from consuming any lactose. However, there is growth of food alternatives that can provide the nutrient of calcium and vitamin D, which have recently became popular among millennials. Food like eggs, salmon, mushroom and even sunshine can be a good source of vitamin D. On the other hand, calcium can be found in foods such as tofu, broccoli, leafy greens, and nut based milk. As time will pass, there will be a new trend that create changes in people bodies which could counteract the changes made upon the environment.Human evolution held many unique features that gave people the ability to adapt to the frequent changes that appears through time. However, neanderthals had a different set of characteristics in their biological gene. Neanderthals were known as hunter-gatherers, which meant they survived by hunting large animals, but it never occured to domesticate the animals for their milk. Due to this, it would not be possible for neanderthals to digest lactose since they could not produce the lactase enzyme. Their diet consist of mostly meat and some vegetables.


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