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An anonymous poll of
luggage handlers in the airports all over the world confirmed – if
they had to select a luggage for themselves, so they would have
selected a hard “spinner” with four wheels on the bottom. There
was no surprise that the most of the travelers were agree with them –
traveler’s choice of luggage was in favor of the same hard
four-wheel spinners. The major points of advantages were: durability,
easiness of use, lightweight, strong zippers and locks, TSA friendly.
Airport stuff said they liked that type of travelers luggage because
there was no need for them to throw them at loading, they could just
lay them down carefully keeping your belongings from damage.

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A manufacturer from
California known on the market since 1984 Traveler’s Choice has
extended program of product quality testing and constantly enhancing
technology Below are the top picks for Traveler’s Choice Luggage
for 2017.

Travelers Choice
Rome 21″ Lightweight Hardshell Luggage


Compact, extremely
lightweight, durable, and easy to handle. All these parameters were
successfully noted in this luggage model. Extremely durable
Polycarbonate ABS hard shell materials provide maximum impact
resistance absorbing impacts under heavy pressure. Model also
benefits from aluminum dual-tube telescopic handle with push button
system. Easy to pack, easy to transport, easy to use!

Traveler’s Choice
Luggage Toronto Black 2-Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage


The set includes:
25 inch Expandable Hard-shell Spinner (8.5 lbs) 25H x 17W x 11D and
21 inch expandable hard-shell spinner measures (6.7 lbs) 21″H x
14″W x 10″D. That is a full set for long term travel for
one. Smaller one goes to cabin luggage with you, the bigger one goes
to checked luggage. Both made from quality Polycarbonate ABS and
benefit from extremely quiet ball bearing 360-degree rotating wheels.
These ones are expandable models, which means that if you wanted to
take more souvenirs to remind you about that awesome trip – simply
unzip a section for expansion and you’re good to go.

Travelers Choice
Travel Select Amsterdam Two Piece Carry-on Luggage Set


You can roll it, you
can carry it. This set can be easily operated with one hand –
add-a-bag strap and clasp for toting both bags easily. Stylish design
makes it look like made from fabric but it is made from superior and
durable 1200D 2-tone polyester with PVC backing. Smart interior
lining is elegant and fully imprinted with elastic tie-down straps.
Separate pockets for your shoes and other essentials. Important to
note it is spot clean. It will never look like passed through waste
tunnel when being transported to you on a luggage conveyor.

Traveler’s Choice
Maxporter 28″ Rolling Trunk Luggage


This is a real tough
guy. It is a two-wheel spinner and that is the only difference. It
has a lot of advantages to excuse it’s just two wheels: travel
tested telescoping handle system, self-repairing zippers, protective
riveted corner guards, super tough and impact resistant polycarbonate
outer hard-shell, ergonomic soft grip side carry handle. A travel
case that will survive everywhere. In addition it allows you to
organize space inside with space dividers and be sure that all
remains in section where you left it despite of the hardships of
travel or use bulk allocation of your goods and chattels.

Traveler’s Choice
Toronto 3-Piece Lightweight Expandable Spinner Set (21″/25″/29″)


A full family size
travel masterpiece. One of Amazon’s the most popular luggage sets.
Count off on your fingers: push-button telescopic handle system for
easy maneuverability; fully lined interior with a multi-use
organizational pocket for easy packing, and a divider to keep your
items secured; expandable for up to 25% of additional packing
capacity keeping calm shell opening for easy packing; ABS hard shell
plastic with impact protection system; spot clean and scratch
resistant. It also features from top and side carry handles, but you
will hardly need them with four easy rolling wheels for effortless
and smooth glide. If you were not a traveler before, with this model
you can become a travel addict.


We selected and
reviewed Traveler’s Choice models that fit for a wide range of
trips: from single trip for a couple of days to a full-size family
vacation. This selection represents what is called “a good value
for money”. You don’t overpay for a brand name but getting the
top grade quality like if it was a well-known manufacturer. All the
models reviewed have major features that should be in quality luggage
and follow the highest standards of luggage desing. Despite of a
purpose of your trip you can be sure that your belongings are safe
and secure.