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In our current world and societies, there are many different issues that are happening to people. Some behaviours might harm other people and some might just only affect themselves. The behaviours that harm on others could consider as crime. Criminologists try to define the differences between crime and deviance as they often confused people.
     The behaviours that people act differently from norm are considered deviance according to the criminologists. Deviance behaviour is often consider when the action is inoffensive. For example, body-piercing, tattoos,and cross-dressing. However, when the deviance behaviour become extreme and socially harmful, it would consider as crime. In order to define whether the behaviour consider as crime or deviant the criminologist John Hagan has created the easy to understand explanations(Brown, Hoffman, & Siegel, 2017). He states four different kinds of deviance from the extremely harmful to the least which are consensus crimes, conflict crimes, social deviations, and social diversions. 
     Consensus crimes is the most extremely harmful deviant behaviour according to the majority of people in the society’s perspectives. Majority of people have strong response to this kind of behaviour such as murder, incest,and child-abuse. Conflict crimes is a deviant act that consider crime as well. It is less harmful than consensus crime, but still more than social deviations, and social diversions. It is a deviance that people are not sure whether it is really a crime as there were not much agreement on it. For example, marijuana use, gambling, drugs, and prostitution. Next, the social deviation is most likely based oh people’s illnesses that might have impact other people in the society. This kind of deviance might require helps from hospital or some supervisions. Lastly, the social diversion. Social diversion is consider relatively harmless as it is viewing from the society  as an odd behaviour. The example would be how people dressed differently, being homo-sexual, or have tattoos on their bodies.
     There fore, people are often confused between crime and deviance because every people have different kind of perspectives on everything in the world including other people’s behaviours. Some might think that marijuana use is fine and some might think that it is a crime. There are many kinds of behaviours that people are carrying out which are being judge by other people in the society. What we would considered as crime would be what majority of people agree that this kind of behaviour is prohibited. As well as the behaviour that would consider as deviance is what the society has less response to it. 
     The criminologists are quite concerned with the concept of deviance and its relationship to criminality because it is hard to really demarcate crime and deviance. Some people with deviant behaviours might use this issue to defence themselves when they committed crimes which could be one of the biggest concerns for the criminologists. Criminologists use definition of crime to define which causes are illegal and need  to be controlled. There are three views that are the breakdown of definition of crime which are Consensus view, Conflict view, and Interactionist view.
     The consensus view defines that crimes are behaviour in which everyone including the rich and the poor believe that it is very harmful and needed to be punished, and it is prohibited by criminal law. The Conflict view of crime is only has advantage on the upper class or the rich, depend on the social class. It is viewed as a protection for the rich, for example when the poor committed street crimes which are robbery or theft, they will have to go to prison. Whereas when the rich committed white collar crime such as illegal business practice, they only are given lenient sentences. Lastly, the Interactionist view of crime is depends on moral and what people believed. People believed criminal law as moral crusaders, and it is mostly like motivates law agains drugs, prostitution, and pornography.

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