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The Subjectivity of perception is based on personal beliefs and past experiences an individual has been accustomed to. Everyones has a different vision on life when comparing themselves to those around them. Some beliefs are similar due to their personal upbringing while other opinions may completely differ. The concept of perception can only be expressed through communication between two or more people but there is no such conventional method where one can express their own perception to match that of another person i.e. No one knows whether or not all humans view colours in the same way, everyone calls the colour green, green, but no one can really see if all human eyes and brain process colours in the same way. 

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When people are brought together to discuss their perception of life, their explanations might be similar in points or very different from each other. Due to the subjectivity of humans, it is impossible to know exactly what everyones perception on is. Therefore how can any scientific study claim to present objective research when in actual fact these findings are based on the perception of subjectivity. For example, the concept of life, or potential life on Mars. How can one state that life on mars is somewhat possible without in fact ever being set foot on this planet.

Every species on this planet perceives all that is around them in completely different ways. For example, an apple is an apple. Regardless of whether I am perceiving the apple or a worm is, the apple is objectively the same thing. It has its own role in reality. However, the subjective qualities of the apple differ from all species. For instance, a worm has its own experience of the apple which is vastly different when compared to how we perceive the apple. For the worm the apple behaves as a form of womb where the Codling Moth lays its larvae. While for us humans, this edible substance is a fuel source for energy related activities. There is no possible way any species can truly understand what it is like to be another, because no individual can escape their personal lens. Therefore if the object, in this case, the apple, has no perceiver, the apple does not seem to exist i.e. If something has not been discovered yet, that something does not have a subjective role in our life.

In my opinion there is no such thing as an objective reality. Reality is totally subjective. This is due to the fact that the life is valued through the perceivers vision. Therefore since humans have similar features to each other, we can come to the conclusion that we perceive life in a very similar manner.

French philosopher and mathematician, Rene Descartes, built his theories on the concept of radical doubt. He believed that not everything which is perceived is a necessarily part of our reality. The only thing that remains ethically real is the mind or consciousness which one uses to doubt and or believe perception, hence Rene’s famous latin formulation ‘Cogito ergo sum’, meaning ‘I think therefore I am’.

The perception of religion is one of the subjective views which can never be proven. There has been no “proof” regarding the existence of God, just assumptions based on theories and models past through generations. The disagreement over whether or not the existence of God truly exists and what the nature of his existence is cannot be proven through any form of intellectual research. Therefore after considering all possibilities thoroughly, we come to the conclusion that the statements, I am, I exist, are subjectively true whenever mentioned prier to the asserted clause. This is only possible through the conceived mindset of the individual.

Everything around i.e. the reality of the beholder, will always be perceived through a personal view. Thus everything written within this research paper is being perceived through the readers lens, which is similar to that of any other living human.

Virtual reality, is a computer generated and controlled environment which simulates the physical presences of the real world. Some may ask the questions; What would happen if virtual reality instruments were used for longer than recommended, would that person start perceiving their virtual presence as their reality?


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