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In my capacity as Vice Principal and Professor, GITAM University, I have known D Varun Sai Sita ram since he was in his 2nd year, having taught his batch the subject ‘Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines’. During this period of association, I have found him to be always well prepared and actively participating in class discussions.

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One of Varun’s major strength is that he yearns to have a macro-level understanding of the practical and industrial applications of the technological concepts that he has learnt. During class discussions, he would come up with examples of innovative tech companies and their stories when discussing the state-of-art applications of a concept. 
Varun is also an excellent team player. I observed that when organizing events, he is willing to take on extra burden and walk the extra mile to get things done. He motivates his team through his work and leads by example. Strength of Varun is his ‘out of box thinking’. It is refreshing to have a student in class who breaks the regular thought process and gets in practical, application oriented dimensions to technical discussions. These are a few strengths of Varun that I observed during my interaction with him. 

I think Varun is a perfect fit for the Master’s program. Varun has always been determined about being an entrepreneur. On more than one occasion, he shared with me his plans to utilize his Engineering learnings and experiences for developing knowledge, and his decision to do a Master’s to achieve his goal. In fact, when I look back, I see that he has always taken a practical and application oriented approach to problems and I think he is a perfect fit for the program. 

With full confidence in his abilities, I strongly recommend Varun for his studies in your esteemed University, preferably with a suitable financial aid.


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