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The director Ang Lee did an incredible job representing Yann’s Martel’s 2001 novel Life of Pi, in 2012 with his American survival drama film with the same name. Lee was able to bring to life the magic and mystery inherited in the book, from its opening scene of animals and birds in a sunlit zoo to the final credits of nautical objects beneath the sea.
The film is a story within a story within a story. An unnamed Canadian author who is novelist himself Yann Martel, is told that there is a man in Montreal called Pi who has a story that will make you believe in God. He’s Piscine ‘Pi’ Molitor Patel a philosophy teacher, and he tells the curious story of his own extraordinary life.

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Since the film describes the protagonist’s life, Pi is played by different Indian actors according to his age in the story, which are: Gautam Belur, Ayush Tandon, Suraj Shurma and Irrfan Khan. However, the focus of the story being concentrated on Pi’s teenage years allows indian actor Suraj Sharma to shine throughout the film. Adult Pi tells his story about growing up in a zoo owned by his father (Adil Hussain) with his mother (Tabassum Fatima Hashmi) and his brother Vibish Sivakumar. Pi becomes attracted to religion and the meaning of life, following both Hinduism,Christianity and Islam. His faith is tested as an adolescent when his father is forced to give up the family zoo, where Pi realises he’s been as much as captive as the animals themselves. A Japanese freighter becomes a temporary ship on which the Patel family take the animals to be sold in Canada. But it’s struck by a storm, which is represented amazingly on the big screen thanks to Chilean director of photography Claudio Miranda. Pi finds himself  alone in the deepest part of the Pacific, captaining a lifeboat with only the gigantic Bengal tiger Richard Parker for company.

This survival story takes up half the movie, and it is as epic as it sounds. Incredibly interesting is the personification that the tiger assumes, called in fact Richard Parker, which in my opinion symbolizes how animals aren’t as different as humans, since we all are ‘creatures’ of God’. This is indeed a story that will make you believe in God. The spiritual journey is treated by the film with a respectful wit thanks to Pi’s personal amalgam of three religions.

Life of Pi is available on Blue Ray and DVD. 


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