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Gurgaon is a hub of finance and technology. The city is experiencing the fastest urbanisation, and hence has become a centre of attraction for all the job seekers. And DlF cyber city constitutes most of the offices. Not just offices, Dlf has over 26 shopping malls, seven golf courses and several luxury shops selling productions. So with great opportunities comes great number of immigrants. And since Dlf is a great place for work as well as entertainment, everyone aspires to have an accommodation here.

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So, if you have set your mind to shift to this amazing place, then you have come to the right place to know anything and everything about it. 

Dlf has got 1bhk, 2bhk, 3bhk, etc in all its phases. And so you can select one as per the no. Of your household goods. If possible, do make a visit to your selected house as it will help you to check and examine the surrounding better and you may not regret it later.
Gurgaon has some of the most reputed schools of the country, which is situated in Dlf.
Gurgaon has a very good road system and connections with all the metro cities and hence transportation via is not a very big issue.
Not just roads, Gurgaon is has well equipped airways and railways (intercity metro, Delhi metro, Rapid metro). So you can opt for any depending upon your old location and the quantity of goods.

Hence we see Gurgaon has all the required facilities and opportunities, but how to grab the best? 

Hire the best Packer and Mover : You need a packer and mover team which can provide you with the following :

Least transportation time.
Easy and fast loading /unloading.
Low cost.
No damage while shipment.
Proper settlement or adjustments in the new house.

Know your requirements, expectations, the place from where you want the team to come, and check the list of the same we have made in our.
Although we will provide you with the best and reliable team but you must do your interrogations with the team once we provide you with the contact detail.
Check your timing and availability so that they can come to your place to see your goods and make a note of it.
We provide you the list of only trusted teams but no matter what you must do duty. Make a transit insurance to protect your goods from damage theft etc.

Working procedure :
The working procedure is simple and fast here :

You will be provided with the contact details of your chosen company and they will visit the house on your desired date and time.
After the visit and the acknowledgement of your goods and other requirements, they will give the quotation to you.
If you agree to the detail, then they will confirm your booking on your desired date.
The labourers will visit your house on that date and will start packing and loading your goods.
They will drop your goods at the destination, and meanwhile you will have a constant contact with their driver.

So these were the do’s and donts you need to know while shifting.

Happy Shifting!!!