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development of this application will be a very productive source for
a common man. The ultimate aim ofmaking this as a liable model is to
put an end to the trauma and difficulty faced by the farmers because
of the middlemen. Basically this model will work as following:
the details of the products from farmers/consumers.

the products obtained, considering the various criteria of
examination required for it, with the help of agricultural experts to
meet the quality expectation of customer.

the right value of the verified product and uploading it in the

details of the products as given by the farmers/consumers should be
proper. The product has to be given to the place by the seller for it
to be checked and verified. This can be done man-to-man or the
products can be sent via courier. Next, the products are sent to the
agricultural experts. The experts are completely neutral with no
partialities who will analyze the quality of the product received.
Based on certain criterion, the products are estimated based on its
quality, quantity and price. Depending on the quality the products
are given ratings.some of the basic agricultural products that are
extensively cultivated are cereals and pulses, seeds, spices,
vegetables and fruits, fertilizers and fodder.

1: Flow of farm products from farmers to consumers

a middleman is not involved in the transaction of one agricultural
product, the buyer can exercise a minimum of 10% profit solidly. The
same can be implemented in case a farmer wants to buy something from
the customers. Next, since the right value is predicted based on its
quality as determined by the agricultural experts, the products are
now ready to be uploaded for transaction. The product will be
uploaded with a photo along with the full details including its own
brand name but with the price as estimated by our experts thus making
it easier for the buyer to buy the product.

this application when implemented will satisfy the needs of the
buyers and sellers making them both happy. This application concept
was already thought of by the Government of India known as DIGITAL
INDIA, but still it didn’t come into existence. But this
application will stand out differently as it will be customized into
our regional language if needed. Further, more updates can be
implemented into this play as a part of up gradation process later.
Let us have an insight on how products actually reach the customers,
going through the hands of various middlemen and then to the customer
or retailer.

Figure 1 represents the flow of farm products that reach into the
hands of the customer through various sources in between. First
basically, the products are prepared through immense efforts of the


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