People of the indigenous peoples. The year

            People all over the world are living hopeless and scared in the situation of poverty, with a ruler commanding the whole county on what to do and keeping all the wealth to themselves. This is what the people and government of Canada have done to the Indigenous Peoples that once travelled this land, and we even realized the pain these people were facing. The indigenous people in Canada have had such a huge impact on this country. Right from when European explorers first made contact with them, to the present day. They have been in some of Canadas biggest moments as a country (such as the world wars), so why does this group of peoples get passed by, scapegoated and confined by Canada? Indigenous rights are a defining moment in all of Canadian history. The major points at which indigenous rights (and even their lives) were dramatically changed were, when the “Indian Act” was introduced to first nations peoples; when residential schools opened all around Canada; and when the “1969 white paper” was proposed by the Canadian government.


            The Indian act was first introduced in 1876, it was stated as “The principle statute in which the federal government administers Indian (indigenous) status, local first nations government, and the management of reserve land and communal monies”(HENDERSON). It was first introduced to rub out the indigenous people to get them to adapt to the new and growing country of Canada and its ways. Over time the Indian act it has hugely discriminated the culture of the indigenous peoples. The year this act was introduced, it was immediately taking first nations culture. It allowed the government of Canada to have major power over the indigenous people. With power over determining status, and even control things such as education and cultural practices. This act had been taken way to far by the government right as it was introduced, and it got worse. The federal government made cultural practices illegal like the potlach in 1884, and cultural dancing illegal. Dancing in the indigenous culture has dated back since the 1500’s in our known records, and the Canadian government took this from them in first in 1914 by making it illegal to dance off the reserve, then in 1925 making it illegal anywhere. The Canadian government was trying so hard to get the indigenous people to adapt to the adapt to the non-indigenous culture they even took away their right to their land in 1927.  

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