Per this week’s reading, the golden toad became extinct for a few
reasons, such as climate change, pollution, ultraviolet radiation, and chytridiomycosis
disease. Today, we are seeing a higher rate of extinction due to
human activities on ecosystems. I support preservationist philosophy because I believe
that we should care about the extinction of the golden toad. The variety of
species on Earth is important to boost ecosystem productivity. If we want to preserve species for
their own sake as well as for the spiritual, aesthetic, and recreational
benefits, we need to be held responsible for the majority of extinction due to
our unsustainable resource utilization. Though nature will keep
changing and maintain the ecosystems in the biosphere, we need to support the survival
of the current species to ensure not only the amphibian diversity, but also the
diversity of their entire habitat, as their survival depends on the balance of
their ecosystem.