Perrin girl or a shark or both. To

Perrin James is an underwater adventure photographer. As a child you would expect him to grow into a career like this. As a child Perrin grew up in Pompano Beach, Florida. As he grew up he would rally up his friends and go on adventures. Either exploring the mangrove forests or getting lost in the Everglade. Everyday was an adventure to Perrin, including swimming in the warm Atlantic Ocean. I chose Perrin James as my photographer because his photographs are usually a girl freediving with sharks. His photos are usually taken in open water with rarely anything around other than sharks and one girl. His photos inspired me to be the girl in the picture. I grew up always close to the ocean, sharks being my favorite animal. I have grown up always wanting to spend all my time in the ocean and to be free and to dive with the sharks. His photographs had depicted exactly what I had wanted to do all my life. Perrin’s photography style is very open ocean with a focal point. His photos are all close to the same color blue and the same type of background of blue water. The focal points are always either a girl or a shark or both. To me, his photographs capture the true moments of freedom from the world. Freedom from everything, and freedom to do whatever you want. When you’re in the ocean it’s an entire other world down there, with completely different rules. He may only be capturing a picture some shark but to me, he capturing the freedom and beauty of the shark. He’s capturing the freedom of the girl. On one of his recent posts he says “Everything seemed so calm, so quiet as the lights rays danced through the ribs of this old ship”. This quote is a perfect description of not only the feeling that it must have been in the water, but it also described how the photograph feels when you look at it. I found out about Perrin James through social media and i’m ecstatic that I did. He shares his photos through multiple platforms of social media. Mainly through the platform Instagram. His photos are liked and seen by thousands throughout his accounts on social media. His photography is showcased not only on his own account but the models he photographs accounts. A model that appears most of the time is Madison Stewart a filmmaker and freediver who spends a lot of her time with sharks. She films them, studies them, dives with them, and tries to share the truth about sharks. She is one of Perrin James’ good friends and models. You can see her throughout a lot of Perrin’s photographs as the girl who is diving with the sharks. In conclusion, I decided to write this essay about Perrin James because he is a photographer and cinematographer that truly inspires me to do what I’ve wanted to do all my life. His photos show freedom and happiness to me and make me want to go out there and experience it myself. He depicts beauty and majesty of sharks and the great oceans. Perrin James may not be the most famous photographer or made any ground breaking discoveries but he has helped me, and probably many others too, see freedom and see that I will someday be able to go out into the open ocean and experience that freedom and release from the world. Something that I have been wanting all my life.