Physics every level within the universe. Nevertheless

Physics tells us that everything and every single
matter is energy, even what we consider solid matter is indeed energy. All life
functions and processes are based on energy interactions. Any perceivable
physiological function has a hidden dimension at its core that has energy
interactions. In all of the above areas, well-being is the most significant result
of energy balance. Any disturbance that happens to that balance produces either
over or under activity, which appears as a problem.

Different energy levels interact through resonance
to produce harmony. Such as the strings of a piano, if one string is struck,
every eighth string will vibrate producing a sound due to the similarity or
equality in wavelength, but our piano here extends in all directions to span
the entire universe from the smallest to the largest. Throughout resonance all
the strings of similar quality in the universe interact. The change on each
string is exchange of information, sensed as quality. We cannot separate
different energy levels from each other such as separating the physical from
the emotional or the mental levels of energy. The only common factor between
these levels is energy, which manifests in a different way on every level
within the universe. Nevertheless energy will also be influenced by resonance
with similar levels in our environment. These are a so called the “collective
levels”. We are constantly affected by and in turn affect the emotional,
collective vitality, and mental abstract energy levels surrounding us  56.

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‘Geometry’ means ‘measure of the earth’. In ancient
Egypt, from which Greece inherited this study, the Nile would flood its banks
each year, covering the land and obliterating the orderly marking of plot and
farm areas. This yearly flood symbolized to the Egyptian the cyclic return of
the primal watery chaos, and when the waters receded the work began of
redefining and re-establishing the boundaries. This work was called geometry
and was seen as a re-establishment of the principle of order and law on earth.
Geometry is the study of spatial order through the measure and relationships of
forms (Lowler, 1982).

In ancient Egypt when they cut a stone, they marked its polarity
coordinates in its original location. They believed that the energies of the
earth that had been flowing through it in a certain direction for thousands of
years needs to be respected. Then be placed in the same orientation so as to
withstand the test of time. For them each stone is alive it had consciousness
and awareness. The ancient Egyptians integrated the power of nature in their
practical everyday technology.  This
spiritual preparations is still practiced by some builders in modern times, for
example the great architect Antonio Gaudi, 
where he fasted and prayed for forty days till he felt spiritually  cleansed and ready to embark on his quest of
building the roman catholic basilica ” la Sagrada Familia”. The spiritual
practice of building can be best seen in the history of the Kaaba (Karim, Back
to A Future for Mankind, 2009).For ancient Egyptians
construction was associated with religion, so it was an honor and spiritual
quest to work in the building of their pharaohs’ pyramids and temples, that was
evidenced in the graffiti and excavation findings in their monuments, which
means that buildings and temples was not built by slaves as it is illustrated
in movies. To ancient Egyptian the construction of sacred buildings was
considered a spiritual exercise itself.

to the above, the energy quality of all involved in the building process
(construction ritual) was very important and they should know that every line
they drew and every stone they touched would be forever impregnated with the
energy of all participants, therefore they had to be prepared before starting
that spiritual work and get purified, through purification ceremonies and
prayers before participating in any work


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