Plastic time WE have around more than 30000

Plastic is the best invention so far
It is the most beautiful and useful product…. It is immortal…..means it can be reused and reused.   This is one wealth which doesn’t loose its value over time
WE have around more than 30000 units processing plastics in india
Out of these 75% are in mSME sector but process only 25% of plastics
The plastic industry employs more than 3.5 million people and the industry will become the biggest employment generator 
As per World Bank, it is estimated that GDP growth rate of India will be close to 7.5% till FY 20 which is highest among large economies. Recently, India leapfrogged to the 100th rank in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings, jumping 30 notches from last year, in an endorsement of the string of reforms implemented by the Govt, which ranks countries on business-friendliness, procedural ease, regulatory architecture etc. The Indian chemical and petrochemical industry is expected to be an active catalyst in this growth with major impetus coming from infrastructure, agriculture, automobiles and consumer and retail goods.
The Government of India initiatives like Atal Mission for Urban Transformation & Rejuvenation (AMRUT), Digital India, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichayee Yojana, Swachh Bharat, Smart Cities are all expected to push demand for petrochemical goods such as geotextiles, geogrids, geobags etc.
With total consumption of close to 13-14 MMT, the per capita consumption of Polymers in India stands at around 10 kg.  Average per capita consumption in eastern India is only 3kgs. 1 Kg increase in per capita consumption will require a plant with capacity of 1.25 MMT. With significant growth prospects ahead, it is expected that Polymers will grow in double digits touching 1.5 times of GDP Growth in India. With this growth it is expected that Indian Polymer consumption will increase to close to 25 MMT within next decade, with this per capita consumption of India is estimated to go up to 17-19 Kg and the East India is estimated to go up to 8 kgs. It means the growth rate of plastic in east will more than double the national average.
Eastern India accounts for 27% population but contributes only 16% GDP. As per Niti Aayog, It is estimated that the economy of India will be USD 7.5 trillion by 2030, almost thrice of current levels and the eastern states economy will be USD 3 trillion.  Plastic will act as a major catalyst for increase in GDP .So can you imagine the growth the growth in east.
Plastic processing has a lot of hidden opportunities. The main processes can be classified as Extrusions, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding and Roto Moulding. The major sectors that are going to drive increased plastic consumption are Agriculture, Infrastructure, Packaging and Medical. We, in east are blessed with opportunities backed by resources and infrastructure. We have abundant water, electricity, labour, ports and proactive governments and administration.
Till now the majority of processing was based in west because of better raw material availability owing to production centres, easy availability of imported material and better port facilities for exports of finished products. With new ports envisaged under Sagarmala Program including Sagar Island and Paradeep, as well as port modernization and development, it is expected that East India would be able to reap benefits of its long coastline. Emerging market of Southeast Asia offers ample opportunities for exports of finished products. North east is afflicted with natural disasters and PP Geotextiles can offer required solutions to mitigate these disasters such as Geobags, Geogrids etc. Even govt. is promoting usage of Geotextiles in North East India by providing subsidy under promotion of technical textiles, thereby creating an opportunity for manufacturers to shift their manufacturing bases to cater to the increasing demand.
Food processing in India is still in nascent stage at about 10% of the total production of agriculture and offers immense potential especially in the field of bakery products, fruits and vegetables, thus offering numerous opportunities in flexible and rigid packaging sectors.
Health sector and hygiene are also a focus sector and plastics have made an important contribution in this sector especially with non wovens. With new health policy focussing on improving health indicators throughout the country with special focus on states like Odisha, a good share of plastics is going to be consumed in this sector.
With Haldia Petrochemicals, Brahmaputra Cracker (BCPL), MCPI and IOCL, Availability of raw materials is going to increase exponentially in both polymers and aromatics in eastern India. Envisaged Plastic Park in Paradip provides a unique opportunity to be near the source of raw material along with easy accessibility to port for exports of finished products.  

!. We have a strong political will in Orissa noe and that should continue. Locals should be instructed not to interfere with day to day activities and running of units. Administration should be advised to be proactive and respond to industry need and request on immediate basis
2.WE need contnous and good quality of power .  
3.Container services at Paradip is yet to take off.  Immediate action is needed for paradip port to become fully operatrional and live.
4.Land cost needs to be worked out.  Most of the MSME cluster around urban area and cities. We need to create MSME clusters near major cities
5.The market for finished goods need to be created. The government needs to work on bringing investment in industries consuming more of plastics
6.Basic infrastructure for ancillary to plastic industry and enginnering and tool rooms to be promoted
7.Incentive schemes to be reworked. The industry in Orissa should not be at disadvantageous position when supplying to other parts  of country.
8.counter negative propaganda and publicity for plastics

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Orissa ranks 3rd in states attracting investment.  It has MOU and proposals for more than 900 new projects.  Approximate 7% of new investment in industry will come to Orissa.
Its time we leave the negativity.  Its time we look at the state seriously.  Honestly the world and other parts of india see Orissa as a land of opportunities.  Orissa…also know as skilled capital.. awaits your ivestment and are ready towelocme you with open arms.  With a very positive and proactive government at state and centre, time we  get serious about MAKE IN ODHISSA 


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