Plumbing safety. After studying this you will be

Plumbing safety. After studying this you will be able to, develop at least a general safety wasrelated to clothing, ladders, electrical tools, and scaffolds, as well as lifting of heavy objects andworking with the flammable material. Explain why it is necessary to develop safe working habits.Safety is one of the aspects of Plumbing that is often neglected. Hazards are easy to overlook –at least until tragedies occur. Carelessness, lack of knowledge, substance abuse, and deafFactive tools and equipment all contribute two accidents on the job.Technical terms for safety equipment.I protection, filter lenses, safety shoes, good housekeeping, ladders, how yard, scaffolding,guard rails, toe boards, rolling scaffold, scaffold plank you, left platforms, fall restraint, lanyards,fall arrest, full body harness, archer point, Lifeline, rope grab, grounded tools, double insulated,tools,Accident statisticsAccording to the national safety Council approximately 1,800,000 work related disabling injuriesoccur each year in the US. These injuries translate to over 35 million lost work days annually,costing workers compensation over $25 billion each year for medical care and wagecompensation. These test distichs clearly demonstrate that safety is important. However, thereis a strong tendency to ignore problems and tell you or someone you know is seriously injuredfurther, this date does not reveal that cumula-tive effect of small, and reported injuries can haveon your body. We’re example, repeated minor back strains can lead to serious back problems.Similar Lee, repeated exposure to small font to tease of toxic stamps 10 says may have seriousconsequences later in life. The parts of the body often affected by work related injuries areshown in many different ways.Making mistakes regarding safety can also injure others and caused damage to property. Failureto properly secure a scaffold, leaving spilled liquid on the floor, and improperly store andsolvent salt Ray are but a few examples of unsafe practices that are not only dangerous to you,but may also cause serious injuries to others and result in damage to property. Your safety andthe safety of others in the shop or on the construction site is directly related to the practice ofsafe work habits. In this section, General safety practice will be discussed. As you study othersections, you will learn about specific safety practices that supply to certain tools and pass. Safefor cabinets are the result of attitudes formed by the workers, you must know what is safe andwhat is not, and you must you constantly on the alert in order to anticipate unsafe conditions orpractice before they cause an accident. Accidents do not just happened they are the result of ananswer act. Clothing. You must dress appropriate to reduce the possibilities of an accident orinjury. The following suggestions will help you select your clothing and other personal protectiveequipment. I protection, such a safety glasses goggles, or facial approved by the AmericanNational Standards Institute by his required when working in areas soldering and brazing


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