Practice Now : 5 short paragraphs for school children

Your friends from the neighboring school wish to play a friendly match on Sunday, which your father does not agree to allow you. Plead with him to get the permission.

“You know my friend Raj, who lives in the next lane. He and I have been discussing a cricket match between our schools for a long time. Finally, it’s been fixed for Sunday. I am aware that you would like me to spend the day at home and help around with the chores. But this is very important to me and we have been planning it for a long time. I am requesting you to please let me play the match on Sunday. I am one of the organisers, after all. I will try and make up for this next Sunday.

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3. Car Ride

You wish to go with your friend who manages to borrow a car from someone, while your parents do not like that. Convince them.

My friend Rohit and I have been planning to go for a car ride all round Delhi’s Ring Road. Today, it finally looked like we would be able to fulfill our dream. But just as I was getting dressed to go out, my mother came into my room and told me that I don’t have her permission to go. Somehow she found out about our plan. She is very angry and says we are too young to drive. I don’t know where she got the idea that either Rohit or I will be driving. We will not. It’s actually Rohit’s elder sister who will drive. She is 21 years old and has agreed to take us out for the drive. When my mother heard this, she felt relieved and allowed me to go.

4. Low Marks

You have secured 40 marks in Mathematics, although you expected a distinction. Explain the reasons for your poor performance.

Well, I expected a distinction in Mathematics but I got only 40 marks. I became very nervous when the Question Paper was handed over to me. I was able to answer only a few questions. There were many questions which I did not know how to solve, because the type of sums which I prepared for the examination was not there in the question paper. I took more time to think over each sum as how to solve it, with the result I left out many sums which I knew. The bell rang, the time was up and I was unable to finish my paper.

5. Poor Performance

You wished to opt for Biology as you had a mind to go for Medicine later on. But you performed badly. Justify to your parents.

For a long time, I had in my mind to opt for Biology and later on Medicine. It can also be called as my only ambition. But after the Class X results were declared, I was shocked to find that I had got very poor marks in Biology. My parents were not interested in letting me take Biology after my very poor performance. So I was heartbroken. Then, after a long thought I came to the conclusion that there was no use crying over spilt milk. My parents also said there was no use in doing a thing in which one was not good. I told them that I could still try to improve and do well because of my liking for Biology. My parents were then convinced of my sincerity.


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