Presentation which are admittedly harder to solve. The

Presentation topic: Education and learning

is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”. This
saying by Nelson Mandela inspires me to do my best at getting a good education,
in order to create a better world in the future.

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is the process of learning and gaining knowledge, abilities, values, habits and
beliefs. The majority of the world’s population gets their education in
institutions that provide learning environments. But, that is not always the
case. In third world countries, which are undeveloped, children of all ages
cannot afford a proper education.

72 million children of primary education age are not in school and 759 million
adults are illiterate. This colossal lack of education is caused by various
reasons, such as lack of funding for education, having untrained teachers, lack
of classrooms and learning materials. These are the few main causes, which can
be solved by an increase in financial aid. But there are a few problems, which
are admittedly harder to solve. The first one is the exclusion of children with
disabilities, because of discrimination and lack of training in inclusive
teaching methods. Another one is being a girl in an undeveloped country. Poor
families choose not to send their daughters to school, and instead make them
raise their younger siblings and participate in child labor. The last problem
is living in a country in conflict, which prevents people from living a normal
life altogether, let alone getting a proper education.

lack of education has a plethora of major effects in the population of a
country. Malnutrition and diseases can be caused by being not educated enough
to make healthy choices and being unable to afford nourishment. Being
uneducated also results in unemployment, which means that people get stuck in a
vicious cycle of poverty and low pay. But the worst effect of the lack of education
is on the development of said country. Illiteracy and ignorance expose people
to endless bad habits, crimes and misdemeanors.

are several ways that can help in solving the problems caused by lack of
education. The first one is limiting child labor. The outcome would be children
attending school rather than working. This would increase the opportunity of
having a well paying job and decrease the potential of continuing a life of
poverty for future generations. Another way would be training teachers and
encouraging foreign influence. For instance, they could engage foreign
volunteers in the education of locals.

In conclusion, lack
of education concerns a major part of the world population, but mostly third
world countries. It has several causes, some of which are harder to solve,
which affect the development of these countries greatly. But, all these
problems have solutions which can be reached through law enforcement or various
nonprofit organizations. We can also help by getting more information and
learning about this problem, donating, participating in charities. We should
cooperate because clearly an educated world is a healthier and more humane
world for 


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