-Problem more we could learn about it.

-Problem Statement                 The reason we chose Social Anxiety Disorder(SAD) is because it is very common in the United States. Social anxiety is a very serious mental disorder. Although social anxiety disorder is familiar to people we feel like there is more we could learn about it. Also, we thought that it would be a simple concept to explain. -Medications                 Medicines that can be prescribed for Social Anxiety Disorder vary from Paroxetine to Benzodiazepines. Paroxetine is a helpful medicine because it helps with restoring the balance of a certain natural substance in the brain. The way that Benzodiazepines works is It can reduce your level of anxiety, although it is fast working it isn’t meant for long term use. This is because it can be habit-forming and sedating.  -Literature Review(History)  Social anxiety is the fear of interacting or socializing with others or the fear of being judged by others. Social anxiety is chronic but can be treated with Cognitive-behavioral therapy. People with social anxiety are often seen as shy or quiet. There has been a lot of success with Cognitive-behavioral therapy, thousands of researches show that after completing Cognitive-behavioral therapy it helps people with social anxiety. It shows that it can change the way people with social anxiety think or behave. But a person with social anxiety have to be willing to do whatever it takes to overcome the disorder. National Institutes of Mental Health studies show that using cognitive therapy with a behavioral therapy group has a high success rate. This helps relieve anxiety-based symptoms with social anxiety disorder.  Social Anxiety Disorder effects a lot of people especially kids around the age 6-18. This is around the time when kids are in school. This can affect many things ranging from a student’s grades to how they socialize with other students.  This can also lead to other symptoms such as depression and in some cases, depression can lead to suicide attempts or committing suicide.  Social anxiety disorder is known as one of the five major anxiety disorders in the DSM-5 Social anxiety is sometimes confused with panic disorder but people with social anxiety do not have panic attacks instead they have anxiety attacks. In conclusion, Social Anxiety Disorder effects a lot of people around the world. It mostly effects people in the United States. Although there is no cure there is many treatments and facilities that can help with anxiety related symptoms.   


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