Project to focus their attention on treatment of

Project Abstract :

our country rural areas play a major role in the population and are also
regarded as the producer of food and farm products. Because of the poor
sanitation conditions, the environment is facing an intangible externality in
the form of animal waste and domestic waste. And also the accumulation of
greenhouse gases has increased from its threshold level due to the release of
pollutants in the atmosphere. To reduce this global panic, the production of
biogas by using products like algae is expected to be a good alternative. Algae
transforms negative environmental externalities into positive mainly in terms
of eutrophication and climate change impact categories because of assimilation
of nutrients. The algae from pond can be collected and the production of biogas
is carried out in a bioreactor maintained at room temperature with pH7 by
anaerobic digestion. The efficacy is compared with other carbon substrates that
are generally used as alternative biomass cooking systems. It is found that mix
of algae along with other carbon substrates is more effective and economically

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Keywords :

house gases, algae, bio reactor, biomass, carbon substrates.

Literature Survey:

need to control the reduction of water pollution caused by nitrates from wastes
to protect human health, living resources and aquatic ecosystem are of prime
importance.  Also the evolution of
CO2from burning bio waste and its accumulation has lead the scientific world to
focus their attention on treatment of bio waste. This has led to the
utilization of bio waste as feedstock for biogas production. There are humpty
number of ways of producing biogas by using different substrates (1, 4). One of
them is using algal biomass as feedstock. This reduces the unwanted growth of
algae on the surface of water, which blocks the sunlight and reduces the
content of Phosphorous and Nitrogen (3). In this view the use of bio waste as a
nutrient feedstock for cultivating algae itself acting as a catalyst for
producing biogas will be a novel idea to pursue. So this study is aided to
estimate the efficiency of algae as a feedstock for biogas and as well as
compare it with efficiency of other carbon substrates to achieve a viable way
for conversion of bio waste into a profit yielding substances. This information
will be useful for the implementation of the process on a large scale in the

































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Methane Production by the Marine-Algae, Gracilaria- Tikvahiae and Ulva Sp.
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