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Q: 1 Answer: The “oil curse” is the important and most comprehensive examination that we have of the causes and results of oil riches for ineffectively signified states. Also, the Oil curing is treating the wood with oil. It is done to remove the impurities from wood. This cured wood is used to make tobacco pipes and other wooden things. I think it is developed because it creates in portion since with the revelation of oil weight to create and differentiate the economy is decreased and disparagement regularly gets to be more uncontrolled. Q: 2 Answer: The World Bank given the $400 million in subsidizing since of the other exception credits the World Bank had with Chad. Its cooperation brought down the political danger. Chad- Cameroon would be impossible to change its relationship with World Bank. Also, Chad-Cameroon pipeline mainly deals with the suchlike course of action is pursued in chad will reverberate through operations in other oil-producing countries such as Nigeria. Eventually, the consortium must behave legally and in compliance with the terms of its agreement with the government of Chad and Cameroon. The World Bank had several loons outstanding to Chad. It was felt that Chad would be more likely to honor its largest agreement if the World Bank was invaded because several other deals with the World Bank would be jeopardized if Chand defaulted or violated the terms of the course.   Q:3 Answer: In the starting of the case its talks an about the “oil curse” if the event that destitution, increase, the country might require borrowing more cash from the World Bank. In the case, if chad adjusted to the World Bank and they would be able to take care of their own country people and they also can claim their land without the offer assistance world bank. I also think the World Bank furthermore can offer financials assistants help to the world banker member. In any case, this being its sole reason. It is able to offer much more budgetary and specialized help than the IMF. It is also can able to offer certain individual’s members low interests. For example on loans, credit. It is an investment bank made up of two their own companies. The two companies are International Finance Corporation and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency. It is also made up of 187 countries, most of which coincide with the IMF.Q 6: it is baffling that Chand invalidated the petroleum income administration law, in any case, the oil campiness was likely stressed almost one thing oil generation. I think any doubt that the oil campiness would have still overseen to begin the venture indeed in the World Bank denied to offer help. Individuals might challenge but oil is a need in the world. The most of the people share of the individuals that dissent still uses the cars that utilize oil. Individuals challenge noticeable clothing campiness for having an unpleasant working condition and however, these companies are still fruitful. The major in the C-Cameroon pipeline, which includes the World Bank. Exxon mobile PETRONAS and Chevron still have the continued with the project, even they have known that C would be able to reimburse all its exceptional obligation to the world bank since there is the shortage of oil all over the world and thus the common asset accessible in the nation ought to be utilized viably. In case not for these private players and World Bank C would not have been able to transport the oil that they create. The natural resource accessible would not have been made utilized appropriately.